If Michael Jackson had left his face alone...

This link includes a computer-aged image of what Michael Jackson might look like if he had aged naturally.

Just in case you are curious.

I think he would have looked much better than he does now. That is just MHO, but I think he just looks odd now.


There is no God.

I keep telling everybody …

Michael IS LaToya!

Wow. That is so sad. He would have been a very nice-looking fellow if he’d just left himself alone. His brothers are not bad looking.

If there was a prize for the least controversial statement ever made on the SDMB this would be a clear front runner. :wink:

That first link would have been cool, but the picture didn’t show up. So right now I am not in on the fun.

The second and third links were cool, though.

The second link IS the picture out of the first link, so you’re in on the fun. :slight_smile:

If he doesn’t stop picking at it, it won’t get better…

They’re gonna do a special on Monday. And E! is doing the True Hollywood Story on La Toya right now.

Does anybody know how accurate these computer age progressions are? I’ve always believed that in your youth you pretty much have what nature gave you, but the kind of lives people lead has a lot to do with what they end up looking like in their 40s and beyond.

I didn’t notice a hole in his skin on that TV interview.

He probably masks it somehow. Wouldnt you?

No. I would stick a Chupa Chup in it.


typhoon, don’t do that to me!

I think his first nose narrowing went well. From there, everything just went WAY downhill.

I literally cringed at the second picture posted in the OP’s link. That one is just plain scary.

my mistake, not the second picture, the one with the “bride of wildenstein” in it.

You will crack up with this real story:

When M.J. was on tour to give some concerts he got sick of some maxilar or something so he went to the best hospital and he demanded to be sedated because he did not handle “well” injections and pain!"
So the doctor sedated him while the dentisdt worked on his mouth, a friend of mine on the hospital took him back from the dentist office and put him in recovery room till he woke up. Since MJ was in a operation gown (you know those very small one piece of fabric thta barely cover you ass) he heard a lot of laughs from the nurse staff and he entered and said What the hell is going on here? they said, We just cant help it we went to see MJ and god he Looks like a FROG, he said what? a FROG so he went in and lifted the sheets that covered MJ and saw that the vitiligo on MJ made him appear like a COW or a FROG that it was horrible!!

To this day I refer to him as the FrogMan.

I don’t buy that computer-generated pic at all, it’ so exaggerated in a different direction. No, I think judging by what Jackson looked like at 21 - when he’d had little, if any, work done - he’d probably look pretty damn similar, just older. The dancing alone would keep him fit, and weight gain’s what would really change his face in the absence of surgery.

A few years ago a friend and I went to the Museum of Television and Radio here in New York, where we watched Free to Be You and Me – total nostalgia trip. Our jaws dropped when we saw what probably was a 17 or 18 year old MJ: a nice, handsome, totally normal looking young black guy. And talented. Man, what a tragedy.