If one posts a time sensitive question of objective fact ...

If one posts a time sensitive question of objective fact …

Hypothetical: let us say that Sunday I had asked ‘will the stock markets be closed tomorrow, Columbus Day?’

Tuesday the question is completely obsolete. Could I have deleted it?

You can’t delete your own posts, no. You can edit them within five minutes of posting (including deleting all the text), but you can’t take the whole post out of the database. The mods and admins can delete posts, but we almost never do it. If there’s something we need to get rid of, it usually gets moved to one of our Mystery Forums rather than being deleted.

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Very interesting. Now what happens if I submit?

Does Firefox have an add on to create links in bbcode?

You don’t need an add on to create links in bbcode, just follow these instructions. That’s how I learned to do them.

And it doesn’t matter what browser you use, either.

If you’ve posed a question that has been rendered irrelevant by the passage of time, you can ask a moderator to close the thread, and then it will softly and silently vanish away as it passes down into the bowels of the forum.

I suppose that there could be some circumstances where you ask a mod to totally remove a thread; generally speaking, we wouldn’t do that unless there were good cause, and I have no idea what “good cause” would be (ignoring the situation that it’s a spam thread, say.)