If Staci's mom is so hot, what do you think Staci will be like?

For Pete’s sake, don’t kids think ahead these days! It isn’t rocket science here!


Double post, crap.

Stacy isn’t too bad herself. Why go after the mom when the girl is just as good.

I think that Staci’s problem with the kid is that she hasn’t ‘ripened’ yet…


Michael, the reference is to the music vid for the recent pop-rock hit ‘Stacy’s Mom’ (refrain: 'Stacy’s Mom, has got it going on") which (both the song and the video) have a “MILF” theme. The video veatures Rachel Hunter as the Mom, and the panting and longing of one of Stacy’s friends of the young teen male fool persuasion. Meanwhile young Stacy (about 14?) seems to be following Mom’s steps herself, but of course, young teen male fool is blinded by the light of Mom’s, um, largesse.

There ya go.

Michael Ellis, they’re talking about a current song by the band Fountains of Wayne called “Stacy’s Mom.” It’s about a boy (presumably entering puberty) who’s friends with a girl named Stacy. The boy is really hot for Stacy’s mom (in the video, Stacy’s mom is Rachel Hunter).

On the topic, I don’t think the boy is solely attracted to Stacy’s mom solely because her beauty. It seems to me from listening to the song (everytime I’m in the car) that the boy is also attracted to her maturity and thinks of himself as being at her level of maturity as well. However, the music video completely blows that notion out of the water. But I did get a giggle from the Fast Times at Ridgemont High ending of the video.

The kid must like the idea of getting a Mrs. Robinson type thing going. I can’t say I blame him.

I had the song playing on my computer the other day, and my sister asked me what it was about. When I explained the basic story of Stacy’s mom being hot and the singer wanting to covet her and not Stacy, she was disappointed. She’d hoped there was a deeper meaning. :rolleyes:

When your that age why would you want a girl when you could have a woman? :wink:

I feel like the DIRTIEST old man. I saw the video, and… I just can’t help it, Stacy seemed hot to me, and she’s like, 14!?

I’m 22, and I am generally attracted to women older than myself. I think people who are counting the days for the Olsen twins to be 18 are just creepy. When Brittany Spears got first got popular, I would look down on all the old men who made sexual comments about her. Am I too hard on these guys? Maybe I’m more upset that people can be so dirty when discussing underage fantasies than I was that they actually had a few.

Seriously, I feel guilty. Should I? Do women look at young men the same way? Oh well, it’s not like it happens often. I do enjoy the song though. The video was pretty cool, and it takes me back to when I was a kid, crushing on my cute female teachers. One, I actually think had a thing for me too… good times.

Hot for the mom and the daughter…heh

been there :smiley:

“You’re dreamin’ dude. There’s no way! Cause that means her mom’s gotta drive and then you gotta make it with her and her mom.”

No check it…we (my folks and all) moved away from friends in Houston. We came up here out in the country a couple of hundred miles away.

A few years later (I was 18 then) they came up for a weekend visit. Stayed in the guest room, mom and daughter…left the old man back in the city. First night mom goes out with my folks. Next night me and mom go out on the town. :smiley:

Yeah, I used to be a real dog. I always did have a thing for older women though and vice-versa.
Happened another time too, with a different set. IMHO…the mom’s were better.

You know what they say, “older women make better lovers” no argument from me. :wink:

I know I’ve heard this before, where did you get this quote from?

Yep…I forgot that one from Goonies

If it’s any consolation, I’m 20 and I think video Stacy is pretty hot. I tell myself that they always cast actresses younger than they are, so in real life (Dawson’s Creek style) Stacy is probably only a few years younger than me.

But, if I were the guy in the video, I’d go for Stacy over Stacy’s mum. Then again, I was never interested in older women.

So is the song officially a hit? From the first time I heard it, I thought, FoW have to make it huge with this one.

Don’t be too tough on yerself. The “Stacy” in the video has been deliberately tarted up (both in appearance and in gestures – check the lawnmowing) with that very effect in mind. So was Brittney at 16. (And after all it wouldn’t be as “funny” if Stacy were really plain and childish; part of the joke is that dorkboy is so busy checking out Mama’s mammaries that he’s oblivious to, and blowing his otherwise better chances with, the age-appropriate cutie right under his nose.) That a male be turned on by an attractive teenage female (past puberty, i.e. capable of reproduction) is hardwired deep into the preconscious brain. It’s what you consciously do with that feeling, and the knowledge of the facts, that is subject to moral judgement

Those with a thing for the Olsons, OTOH, just plain and simply need to get help. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say that compared to Rachel Hunter, “Stacy” might as well be part of the scenery.

But don’t feel to bad. I’m eagerly awaiting Hillary Duffs first Maxim or FHM photo shoot (whenever that will be).

Donno. Ask Demi Moore.:smiley:

I’m 21 and I think the same way as you. I was/am creeped out by older men that say things about Britney Spears and the Olsen twins. It is creepy. I think that Stacy in the video is cute, but she’s only a kid. She’ll be a pretty woman, but she’s just a kid right now and personally I don’t have the same thoughts about Stacy as I do about Stacy’s mom in the video.