Stacy's mom is *so* hot.


I disagree.

Does Stacy know?


I know, I know… I’ve got some extra razor blades if you’d like them. The ear plugs…they are like the goggles…

One might even say she has it “going on”. That is, if one were so inclined.

I know! I’m glad someone else said this… I’ve waited for so long.

You know, ever since Stacy’s dad ran off, Stacy’s mom could use a man like me. Remember when I mowed your lawn?

Stacy’s mom = Stiffler’s mom?

Oh wait, that’s “Janice”. My bad! Sorry . . .

Stiffler. Feh. :rolleyes:

Who the hell is Stacy and where can I see naked pictures of her mom?

Meh. Stacy’s mom hit on me and I turned her down. Stacy ain’t much either.

Speak for yourself. When she turns 17, I’ll give it a go. :dubious:

But ***I ** * wish that I had Jessie’s girl.

I shall always keep Ba-Ba-Ba, Bar-Barb-Ra Ann enshrined in my heart.

Stacy’s mom is hot, but I prefer Jenny. I even have her phone number, as luck would have it. Anyone care to guess?

You can call her anything you want but her name is Veronica.


Yeah, but she’s just 16 years old. Leave her alone, they say.

Stacy’s mom aside, Billie Jean is not my lover. She’s just a girl who thinks I am the one.

…but the chair is not that fun

I wonder how old that psycho chick Luka who lives upstairs is.

I had a girl…Donna was her name. Since she left me I haven’t been the same. 'Cause I love that girl…Donna, where can you be?

It must be a different Stacey. The Stacey I know’s mum is a munter.