If the Election were held tomorrow, and McCain won

Suppose the polling situation on Nov 3rd is basically the same as it is today. And suppose on Nov 4th, the election is held and McCain wins.

What do you do?


I would probably cry, I suppose.

It’s not unprecedented. Most of us would probably go on pretty much like normal, and either be happy or upset about it based on our political positions. Are you suggesting we should do anything else?

Ask for a recount. Last time I checked Obama was ahead in most of the key battle ground states and actually had a theoretical ‘win’ in the EC based on the polls. So…if McCain somehow won I’d have to say, today, that I’d agree with the folks who would be screaming about election fraud. I’d want to see exactly WHY he won…or perhaps more importantly HOW he won. With a fine tooth comb.

Then, assuming the results stood, I’d go out and drink heavily…


Vomit. After I’ve cleaned up the mess, figure out why the republicans stole the election, and resign myself to the fact that America is a lost cause.

Then look for a job in Australia or New Zealand.

You asked.

I’d be pissed, grumpy and dejected, but would remind myself of the dangers of counting your chickens before they hatch. Then I’d pray that President McCain would exceed my expectations, and do far better than his predecessor.

Pretty much what XT said, except I’m not much of a drinker.

There’s a small chance I might actually be motivated to do something toward improving the electoral process, but I’m rather lazy and not sure what I could do.

I would immediately begin doing everything I can to preserve his health and well being for the next 4 to 8 years. Everything.

I’d rain down really bad vibes upon whomever was fundamentally responsible for the obvious fraud. Then I’d get on with life. May spend some time in Canada, not permanent though.

I’d take Bluto’s advice to Flounder, when faced with a disaster, to heart: “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.”

Then I’d cry.

I’d go shopping then lunch at the Cheese Haus, followed by some golfing. At night, I’d go to the opera to see Die Fledermaus and follow that up with a drive to a secluded beach where I’d pop on the radio and slow dance 'til the sun came up.

I’ll do everything I can to see that McCain remains healthy for his term.

I’d almost definitely make up my mind to retire from the military in the coming months. I’d definitely look for a job outside of the US. I’d probably consider moving to Canada. (I’d probably have a hard time finding one, but maybe I could opemn a bar in Amsterdam. Hey, if Joe the Plumber can have a bizness, why can’t i)

I’ll elaborate: Number 1: We’re stretched thin. I’ve seen the army decline in the last 8 years and I don’t mean just the numbers, which aren;t that bad. But the standards? Man, you can get away with anything and join thanks to the back wash from Iraq. thanks Dubya! If no one is going to try to turn the country around, I’d rather not fight a useless costly war.

Number 2: I already have a dim view of people. But a McCain win would be an acknowldegment for the fringe racists out there. I’ve faced less of that abroad. We call ourselves the land of the free and the tolerant. I don’t think McCain’s campaign reflects that. Its pissed me off to the point where I am envying my international friends…this is just my opinion. But unlike some of McCain’s supporters I can only swallow so much shit.

Number 3: I’ve actually considered Canad for a long time. Its a pipe dream, really, but I don’t like the direction the USA could go. fundie, hate mongering, war mongering stupidity has brought the country to its knees. Theres no perfect place on the earth to live…but i don;t want to live in a place that self destructs overs the BS McCain soews. If you support McCain, thats fine with me…as long as you do it dofor reasons other than the smears he has he sent out against his opponent. There aren’t many other reasons other than that IMO. But I’m sick of this silliness. As I saod in another post if McCain has nothing left but to throw crap at his opponent and offers no new ideas…why the hell would anyone want to live in that world?

March on Diebold headquarters?

If McCain won with the same polling as today, that’d be more like evidence of massive voter fraud than racism.

Note that there aren’t racists out there, but damn few of them would be voting for a Democrat with a Liberal platform in any case.

I’ll admit my post was over the top. I’m just tired of watching the US go down the tubes and I think of the choices we have Obama can vdo the best job. McCain has really turned me off with the negative stuff. Its ridiculous and the fact that he jknows it is but still does it tells me he only* wants to win, country be damned.*

I would celebrate but still sigh at the seeming impossibility of the U.S. electing a libertarian candidate. However, I would also wonder how in the world it could have happened.

Vox Imperatoris

McCain is pretty outspoken about calling Obama names, but he can’t control who likes him for being a maverick or who likes him for his policies or his color. I always thought of McCain as a likeable enough kind of guy. I’m sure he means it when he says he doesn’t like Rove’s politics. But too many high profile republicans are turning away from him because he represents a track that this country can’t afford to take. It’s a contributing factor to his consistantly high polling average.

Damn missed the window!

that should read Obama’s consistantly high polling average.

Actually, quite a few are, because of the economy: here. I’m not saying this is typical, but it takes an awful lot to vote for someone you’re calling an extremely insulting epithet.