If the protests continue, what might Trump be provoked into doing?

Trump is not happy with the protests that have taken place in many US locations over the past three days and nights.

At first he said the protesters were paid, though he didn’t say by whom. And he noted that the media should NOT be covering the protests:

Then he tried the tactic of declaring that the protests were small (and therefore, presumably, meaningless) :

He doesn’t like it. He’s very unhappy. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t yet hold the reins of power.

But I’m wondering what he might do about the protests on the basis of his coming power. And I’m wondering if any of that might be illegal, and if so, if the illegal actions might be discovered and exposed. And if this were to happen before the Electoral College vote, what might happen? Would it affect the November 8 election results? Would Pence become President if Trump were to be indicted?
Basically, Trump has at his disposal the promise of punishment, and the promise of reward.

[li]He might want to try to stop all coverage of the protests on television, radio, newspapers, and their sites; and–here’s the tricky one–all major social media sites. [/li]
[li]He might want to try to get protests made illegal; this would probably involve convincing governors of each state in which protests are happening to declare states of emergency or something similar, with curfews imposed, restrictions on numbers of persons who can gather in public, and so on.[/li]
[li]He might want to try to get protesting made too painful to be continued, by prevailing on law enforcement leaders to step up arrests and head-breaking.[/li][/ul]
For all of these, he can remind decision makers that he will shortly have access to the trove of data stored by the NSA. With this being public knowledge he will be able to make any accusation against persons declining to help him out as requested–it won’t matter whether or not the accusations are true. He will be able to say ‘we will release information that you are a _____ _________ and say it’s verified in NSA data, and your career will be over–there will be nothing you can do to fight the accusation.’

This seems clearly illegal–if documented, of course. If Trump had his people approach someone who recorded the threat, it could mean trouble for Trump.

So he might prefer the ‘carrot’ to the ‘stick’–he might want to promise infusions of cash to come to the decision maker as an individual, and/or to the agency/government/website/entertainment conglomerate he’s having his people approach. This could be worded delicately, as in ‘we know you are a patriot and want to do the right thing for our nation, and surely you agree that people are becoming agitated by all this–why not simply stop showing it? (Or stop posting Tweets or Instagram pics about it, etc.) And we are hoping to do big business with you, by the way–there is a $5 billion-dollar contract we might be able to swing your way’ or such. Similarly with government and law enforcement leaders: ‘it’s bad for the USA, so why not stop it? And by the way, there may be a big federal grant coming your way if we can swing it for you…’

The legality of this seems questionable (I don’t pretend to be conversant with the laws involved). Of course an actual bribe, if provable, would hurt Trump. But the vague promise of a future contract to be awarded…I’m unclear about whether that could get Trump into trouble, and am hoping that someone more knowledgeable might read this thread and have an answer.
The protests seem likely to continue over the weekend. Trump won’t like it. He will want to do something about it.

Will he?
sources for the Tweets:

…that first tweet was probably made by Trump. That second tweet was probably made by his handlers. Expect completely opposite tweets to come from that account over the next four years.

There is nothing Trump can do ! He is NOT president yet .

Tweet impotently?

Most of what you describe is not only unconstitutional under the First Amendment, there is little to no mechanism at the Federal level to enforce it.

Also remember that in 2018 are midterm elections. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested. I’m sure the Republicans will want to keep their jobs in 2 years.

What are these idiot protesters protesting anyway? Trump was elected fairly and squarely according to our electoral process. I don’t like it any more than anyone else who didn’t vote for him, but that’s the rules.

My god the threads in this forum are becoming frantic. Tell me, OP, what is your dreamiest dream of Trump reaction? Maybe he’ll call in an airstrike? Order the police to use mustard gas? What craziness would cause you most happiness?

People are free to protest whatever they want. In this case, it seems they are letting people know that they do not like the fact that Mr. Trump won the election.

I believe the primary message of the protests is “fuck that guy, we don’t like him.”

I don’t think anyone mainstream is arguing that he didn’t legitimately get elected. I’m sure you can find some cranks that will say so.

If you’re not going to read the OP, why reply?

If it’s tl/dr for you, the summary is: Trump doesn’t like being criticized. Trump has no power yet but does have the prospect of power. Trump has nothing in the way of a conscience that would keep him from using that prospect of power to try to influence those who could either outlaw the protests, or keep the protests from being publicized. Are there laws that could affect Trump, should he attempt such a thing?

He kept saying the election was rigged. I believe him. :smiley:

Let the nukes fly!

I’m kidding.

I hope. :slight_smile:

Sherrerd, you have a very active imagination. I suspect msmith537 has pretty much nailed the extent of Trump’s reaction.

Yeah–interesting that he is still letting himself be ‘handled’ that way even after being elected President.

(Different subject, but: carrying around a device that lets you Tweet, also lets hackers know your exact location, and also lets them hear all conversations in your immediate area. So Trump will be allowed to go on carrying one…???)

IIRC, Obama was given / had created a very secure BlackBerry device so that he could do these sort of things.

Thanks–one would think that SOMETHING could be worked out, technology-wise. In any case, he’s certainly not going to stop tweeting.

But why stop there? Trump can pressure the military to institute a full country lockdown with his prospect of power. What laws can stop him?!?!

And the people hearing about it are thinking this.

So you want to ban public protests?

Posse Comitatus Act

Hopefully, the Joint Chiefs will have the balls to stand up to him.

Yes. So much depends on the chance that crucial people in positions of power will decline to go along with Trump’s wishes in many arenas.

We saw during the campaign that some retired military of high rank were ‘fine’ with Trump’s praise of Putin and Kim Jong-Il and their tactics. We have to hope that the views of those individuals do not represent the views of those who could actually assist Trump in becoming President-for-life.

But that’s not what I was focusing on in this thread. What I’m wondering about is how many nights Trump can watch large demonstrations against him, without taking action to stop them or keep them from being publicized. So far as I can see, any action he could take would be at least ethically disreputable (embarrassing him if revealed), or illegal.

How long can he hold out?

No, but I would like the protestors to know why it is they’re having to protest. If the U.S. hadn’t turned into such a country of pissy crybabies, needing safe spaces and whinging over micro-aggressions and insulting/hating everyone with a different opinion, they’d likely not be confronted with a Trump presidency now. But it has, and like the graphic said, a lot of people in this country are fed up with that shit.