Anti Trump riot in California - Seriously?

Check out thevideos.

Is this the new strategy from the Democratic party?

Oh man - they sooo much inspire me to vote Hillary.

Why do you think anyone in a position of authority is orchestrating this?

Alex Fucking Jones. Are you serious? I’m not clicking that.

In fairness, the protesters were out of control, out of hand. I really wish they would protest more peacefully, and with less obstruction of those who are just trying to get from Point A to Point B.

That said, I don’t see any particular reason why a method of protest that I don’t agree with should inspire me to vote for a candidate that I don’t agree with even more, and whose supporters are not exactly violence-free themselves.

A Sanders guy, are you?

Alex Jones? So you pointed to a nut going around nutpicking:

The protestors who were being violent or destructive should be arrested but there was only a few moments of that shown. People standing around and yelling isn’t all that pearl-clutching. I’d personally save the term “riot” for something far more escalated than what was shown. Beyond the one car being jumped on, the crowd didn’t seem out of control, violent or uncontained.

I would greatly prefer it if protestors would keep it peaceful and allow Trump (or whoever) to say their piece. I didn’t see it as a “victory” when the Chicago rally got shut down, for instance. But I have no reason to think that any other campaign is orchestrating the protests so why would it affect my decision to vote for Clinton or Sanders or anyone else?

The topless protester on the left looked sort of like Keri Russell which was the best part of the video.

'Cause you were this close, huh?

I’m horrified at the thought of Trump being this close to the White House, but the protesters are the ones who are to blame in most cases. Yes, the Trump supporters give as good as they get and then some, but to be real, a lot of the protesters shout vile things at these people and get deeply personal. Not all Trump supporters are bigoted – ignorant as fuck, absolutely, but not all are hate mongers or violent.

So if some people are rude, obnoxious or violent to Hillary supporters, will you switch your vote to her?

Trump fans already think Mexicans are thugs who feel no loyalty to the USA.

Think those guys waving Mexican flags while destroying a police car will change their minds?

So … Alex Jones fans are reluctantly turning against Hillary? Who are they hoping to vote for, pray tell?

No. Anymore than the Trump fanatic who cold clocked a protestor was a member of the GOP establishment.

Trump jizzes up his audience and dog whistles for violence with the barest fig leaf of legal deniability. So who shows up? If you’re a right wing skin head, where do you go? If you are a left wing bomb thrower, what’s the best place “protest”? For both, the answer is a Trump rally. Josh Marshall recognized this a couple of months ago. It’s not good. But the only person in power egging these folks on is Trump.

Box 'o citations:

No, but that’s not their goal either. And I doubt anyone here is saying that it’s a great idea or is looking to defend their actions.

According to this LA Times report, 17 people were arrested, one man was taken to the hospital for a head wound (other accounts have identified this man as a Trump supporter who needed six stitches for his injury), five police cars were vandalized and even a police horse was attacked, having been injured by a thrown rock.

Protesters waving “Make America Mexican” again strike me as bizarre. Why flee a wretched country to change the better place to what you fled from?

From your linked article, all were arrested for “failure to disperse” as opposed to being arrested for assault, destruction of property, theft, etc.

I’m not saying that everyone was well behaved, I’m saying that (in my opinion) it doesn’t rise to the level of a riot.

Although not mentioned in the linked article, numerous other reports state that protestors were shouting at and throwing rocks at motorists too. I’d agree that what happened doesn’t rise to the level most people think of as a riot, but the protestors certainly seemed out of control, violent and uncontained.

Cite? No, we don’t want your libtard rags like the New “York” Times or TPM: we want to hear from honest American reporters like Alex Jones.

If we both agree that it doesn’t qualify as a riot, we don’t need to quibble over how uncontained it needs to be.