If there is something as a foreigner living in the US has thought me, is that...

Our worthiness comes based on who we are, not on how we act or contribute to society.

I am sure the US isn’t the only culture with this standard, but especially here. Why is this? Why do our characteristics and qualities rather than our attitudes matter more? Why? Is it just that easy to judge people by their cover?

And I can only see this not changing at all.

But is the cover in tatters? Because if so, it’s the words inside the book that matters and NOT the binding that holds the pages together.

Attitudes and intentions are invisible. I judge on speech and actions, which includes how you present yourself.

Deeds, not words.

For most people the cover is better than the book. They don’t want to change the system.

If anything, this is less of a thing in the US than elsewhere.

Everyone, EVERYONE, has to overcome negative stereotypes applied to them. That’s just life, and it’s not exclusive to the US.


What have you contributed to your community (SDMB, for example), lately?

Because your quality of character says more about who you are than your (masculine?) cover/attitude.

Also, words/language has meaning. People are judged based on their ability to express ideas and values. Those who endeavor to improve their ability to communicate tend to be taken more seriously than those who do not.


Me too, man, me too! nm!

In my culture we judge people by their alignment, I like true neutrals best

Thought me? Weird.
I wish we had TAUGHT you to spell.

I know is " taught", is just a habit of using the incorrect word.

What is your policy on the capture of moose and/or squirrel?

Dude, Where are your ‘Its’?

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Tell you what, let’s see you respond in real time in his native tongue and see who is more intelligible.

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Do you now understand why we were riding you when you joined? It’s like an itch. Thank you for adapting.

Ain’t that the truth. Resistance is futile.

MikeG. If I knew his native tongue I could have an opinion on that statement. Spanish? I might be able to hang.
Russian? Nope.
Have you looked at some of his other threads? It seems he is perfectly capable of spelling and making sentences that make sense. If (a big If) they are his words and sentences. I have no way of knowing this truth until he shows his true colors.