If Trump gets kicked totally off Twitter one day, what platform will he jump to?

Suppose Donald got permanently banned from Twitter for some reason, what media platform or Twitter alternative would he start using to fill that void in his life?
Where would he go if all US corporations banned him?


There’s a place called Parler.


Not sure if this is the forum for a “Welcome to Hell, Blofeld” gif. or if that’s for The Pit only.

I’m sure the GRU has something in development for him.

Wouldn’t he fit right at 4chan or 8chan?

I hear VK is popular in one particular country straddling Europe and Asia.

TikTok would be happy to have him.


I highly doubt Trump would get booted off Twitter at least not while he’s POTUS.

From Parler’s blurb in the OP…

One of those two things doesn’t go with the other. At least not on the anonymous internet they don’t. I wonder which of the two is their lie?

Ashley Madison?

Has anyone here read up on Parler?
Their alleged “rules” forbid all the same obnoxious stuff that other social media sites forbid, but they are apparently very actively recruiting the farthest-wacko-right of the farthest-wacko-right and letting them have at it!

Whole bunch of farthest-right-wingnut politicians have accounts there, as well as the right-most wingnuts who have been banned from Twitter, Facebook, etc.

And oh, did you happen to read the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you signed up? Where is says you have to pay their legal costs if they get sued for anything you post?

Some cites:

More at Engadget:

I have never looked at Trump’s twitter account, but now that the OP has raised the inevitability of a post-election Trump shitstorm, I will certainly be checking it out after the election.

So in other words, once again the Right has chosen to wrap themselves in the word “Freedom” while twisting it to mean almost exactly the opposite. As Gomer would say: “Surprise Surprise Surprise!”

The Russians almost deserve what they will get when they finish suborning this place. It’ll be completely ungovernable, but far more internationally aggressive than 1950s Cold War USA was.

Who is to say that he would jump to a new platform, vs have a new one built around him?

I would say that that would be the most likely outcome if he were banned from mainstream social media.

He could start a comeback for Myspace.

He’ll start his own social media platform called “Trumpland.” He’ll get some pre-launch venture capital backing from people afraid that the Democrats will start to tax carried interest like labor. He’ll use the money to hire programmers to cobble together a minimally functional service, announce it with a grand spectacle from Mar a Lago, and sign up millions of users in the first week. On the basis of its rocketing user numbers, he will get a second round of financing at a multibillion dollar valuation which, for the first time in his life, will make him an actual billionaire. He will, however, through a board-backed buyout of his shares take most of the money that was supposed to go to features, promotion, and security and instead just run away with his profits, taking a few hundred million for himself. The service’s user numbers will plateau almost instantly because every Republican that is still interested in what he has to say will have signed up in the first few weeks. Having already profited as much as he can from the service, Trump will lose interest and the service will collapse. Some private equity firm will buy it up for a few million so it can hawk scams like burial insurance and joint pain supplements to an increasingly elderly user base for whom the Jitterbug phone is sophisticated enough, thank you very much.