"If W2 is sent to the wrong address, $50 for a new one"-Legal?

I work at a job I’d rather not disclose, have only been here for 2 months. It is okay but nothing great. I just got an email saying to check the addresses you have on file with my employer, because a new one will cost $50 to be sent out to you.

I’m thinking it might be a joke, but it couldn’t possibly be legal to charge FIFTY DOLLARS for a W-2 form to be re-printed and sent to you, could it?? :confused:

The IRS does not prohibit employers from charging for replacement forms W2. Check your address.

The employer’s legal obligation is to provide a copy free-of-charge at your address of record by January 31. If they have done that, then yes, it is legal to charge for a replacement copy, and there’s not law setting forth what constitutes a maximum fee for that service. (It is often the case that they’re not doing their own payroll, and they likely have to pay for a replacement from their processor, so they add on a fee for the time they spent dealing with it and pass the bill to you.)

Check your address, and/or make sure you have mail forwarding in effect.

From page 10 of the 2015 Form W-2 instructions (pdf):

Of course, there may be state laws or regulations governing this.

Federal tax regulations require the employer to provide one free copy. That’s it. The rest is between you and your employer. Your employer is not required to provide employees a free document retrieval/copying service.

This is an increasingly common practice among employers. Generally they charge a small fee for current W-2s and progressively larger fees for older ones. $50 is an extreme fee for a current W-2, however.

If it were the fault of the employer that you did not get your W-2, you could make a case for making them correct their mistake without charge. But it looks like they are trying to cover their behinds by giving you the opportunity to correct their records.

If it’s an option, I would suggest signing up for electronic delivery. Not all employers offer this option.

ETA: I type slow. Looks like it’s already been answered. Twice, no less.

These days some employers use a payroll system like ADP that let you print out a W-2 at leisure. I worked for one such employer for years.

Now I work for the government and doubt that’s an option. :frowning: