If you could apply the death penalty to the use of political rhetoric .....

…which one phrase or concept would you apply it to?

Mine is that a tax cut or not increasing taxes is giving away taxpayer money instead of letting them keep it.

Mine would be “your tax money”. Tax money isn’t yours any more than the money you paid for rent is yours.

So, essentially, the debate is who we’d like to see killed for using memes that we don’t like.

Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t want to see anybody put to death for using a bad argument. But maybe that’s just me.

Hardly worthy of a political death sentence.

At least some of the money being referred to was ours at one time. I have no problem with being more specific in how I refer to phantom money that isn’t being given to rich people in the first place.

It IS being given to them in the same way that forgiving or forbearing any other debt amounts to a gift of money. That’s money that is owed to the rest of us. Letting them keep OUR money is the same thing as GIVING them our money.

No. The debate is what phrase or expression you would like to see put to death.

Does that totally blow your mind? Stay cool, son, it’s just what we like to call a “metaphor.”

I’d like to kill the concept that any of us are supposed to care about an issue because of what Joe Schmoe from Elkhart, Indiana thinks about it. I get so tired of these personal anecdotes being trotted out at every damn debate and speech. That’s really too bad that Great-Aunt Margie from Oklahoma is having trouble paying for her prescription meds, but I really don’t think we should be basing policy decisions on Great-Aunt Margie’s specific problems.

Working families.

Shipping jobs overseas.

“We need to focus on Main Street, not Wall Street!”

“Global warming my ass, it’s snowing!”

Well, that’s a shame. I was all set on “You can see Russia from my house!”

Hmm…how about: “Stay the course”
or, “Building a bridge to a better [America/future/tomorrow]”
or, any slogan with “Freedom” in it
or, how 'bout any slogan that presumes Americans are the greatest people in the world?

Any political argument that someone can justly call Godwin on. The only nazis in American politics are the American Nazi Party. Beyond that, people should resist the urge to paint Bush, Obama, etc. with the mustache.

Not so much an expression or phrase, but I’d like to see the death of the idea that rural and/or small town America is somehow “real America” and the millions who live in major metropolitan areas are, apparently, something else. It’s bad enough that the Senate and the Electoral College are designed around the assumption that people in low population states deserve more of a voice in the government than everyone else, but even worse how pervasive the idea is that Iowa farmers or somesuch are more American than Brooklynites.

The will of the people / majority.

I always find the use of the phrase “grow jobs,” or “grow the economy” to be irritating.

I also find it very annoying, fr some reason, when people use the word, “government,” without a direct article. Like instead of saying, “the government’s should role should be X…” saying “government’s role should be X.” Basically, saying “Government” without a “the” like it’s a proper name. It’s just so affected and pseudo-academic. Just say the “the.”

You mean like we say “the industry” instead of just “industry”. :dubious: If I say “government”, I’m talking about government, as an institution. Government, in the abstract. If I say “the government”, I’m talking about a particular government. Nothing affected about it.

Since we’re talking jobs… politicians who say “I [or my administration] created ‘x’ number of jobs”. No, you didn’t create any jobs.

It is obvious: “Death Panels”

It’s THE government. There’s only one of them in any theoretical paradigm, unlike industries, which can exist in the multiple.

Opinion polls belong in IMHO, where you will now find this thread, since it is not a debate.

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I’d go with the whole concept of “sustainability”–it’s really devoid of content other that “I like it.”

Also, agreed on killing the double reverse switcheroo on talk about tax cuts–some people talk about the possible continuation of tax cuts for “the wealthy” as if the continuation would be the exact same thing as “working families” each cutting a check to “the wealthy.”

Dio, there may be an international element to the “the government” thing, like how Brits say “university” and “hospital” (and they say “this government” to refer to te current folks in charge).

These are all too specific. I choose ad hominem.