If you could get rid of one bodily function or part

If you could rid yourself of one bodily function or part, what would it be?

Assume you could live without it, of course.


The entire digestive system. Think of the money & time you’d save!

Of course, a LOT of people would be out of a job.

I presume to speak for all women when I say


Er, no, menstruation doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I vote for wisdom teeth, myself, although I may change my mind if I ever experience pregnancy.

This is definitely what I would get rid of. I generally get my worst migraines then. I’m already on birth control 12 weeks on/1 week off, so only have a few a year, but it’s still too many.

Ok I am one of the many women who would give the heave ho to the menstruation part. But I must say that any excess mucus created would also be a godsend to eliminate. I only want my body to produce the amount necessary for normal life and the rest will not eek out of one mucuos membrane at all.

Fat. But not all of it.

I’d like to be rid of my penis because sometimes it just gets so in the wa…never mind, I couldn’t do it with a straight face.

B’bye facial hair. I’m rather tired of shaving it, with my sensitive skin and all.

Boy, that’s a toss up. I think I’d deal with menstruation if it would mean getting rid of the extra pounds of fat. I haven’t found much use for farts either, though. I like my digestive system. Eating is a sensual experience that I wouldn’t want to give up.

Oh, and leg hair would be right up there too.


What an effort. Especially in the winter. All this shit that I have to ingest or squeez into my nose just to get a breath. Be nice to just suck oxygen through my skin pores.

My life would be much easier if I didn’t have to eat.

I could spend more money on other stuff :slight_smile:

Dudes, a few days ago a friend of mine told me everything i didn’t know/want to know about periods. I’ll vote for females for getting rid of that. . . .so nasty. For me though, i’d want to get rid of shaving also.

the pooper

Bah, i love going #2, feels great. Anyways, despite not being female, I too will vote for the period.

Sleeping. Brushing my teeth. Probably not mucus–seems important for sex, catching bugs that fly up your nose, etc.

My nose. I’m sure all hay-fever sufferers will agree with me.

Body hair. God I hate being a fuzzy ape.

Waste disposal. I don’t want to ditch the entire digestive system because I do love to eat, but not having to dispose of the unfortunate by-products would be bliss.

I’ll second Sleeping [and the related symptons of feeling tired, exhausted, Sluggish, drowsy etc.] Think of all the time you’d save if you’d only have to go into a 5 minute system shutdown. Just a quick dream sequence for mental stability.

Oh, and form of cell regeneration which kept you young, healthy and cancer-free would be an even greater bliss.

hmmmmm… i love sleeping but i don’t like being tired, i love eating but i don’t like pooing, i love smooth legs but i don’t like shaving. ohman! i can’t make up my mind!!

Another vote for sleeping.

I would love to take a pill that mimicks the effect of 8 hours of good sleep.