If you could make a non-human noise, what would it be?

Me, I’d like to be able to roar like a lion. Growling would be good too.

Non-human? It’d be pretty cool to be able to make the sound of waves breaking on the beach. A good way to lull everyone around you to sleep.

I once heard a woman voice both parts of a cat and dog fight. It was incredibly realistic!

Personaly, however, I’d like to be able to lean my head out the window of my vehicle and belt out a loud, penetrating, C sharp augmented train horn blast.


  • An 80s game show buzzer. Fighting ignorance would be so much more fun if I could say “:: bzzzzzzzt :: Wrong!”

  • A car horn, so slowpokes meandering two and three abreast right down the middle of the mall aisle would put a little spring in their step (and possibly a lump in their shorts) as I try to pass them.

No contest, the kukabura (sp?) call. Oh yeah.

I’d love to be able to purr.

For me it would be the sound a large piece of laminated cardboard makes when you shake it… you know, that “wobble-wobble” sound? That would be too cool!

The musical groan of the water buffalo would be quite useful in meetings.

Can I pick the repertoire of that guy from Police Academy?

But if your were a Superb Lyrebird, you could make the call of a Kukabura, about twenty other bird species, a camera shutter, a camera motor drive, a car alarm, and a chainsaw (ne shitteth vous pas – it fooled me, and I live in chainsaw country).

Props to Attenborough and his “Life of Birds”: http://img.dailymail.co.uk/video/384Kbps.wmv

The Lyre Bird is awesome. Possibly the most versatile of birds that don’t talk. There’s a clearer video with the Attenborough video here.

Me, too. Not sure I could master that ‘I am ruler of the world enjoying my domain’ look that goes along with it but I can try.

Okay, so I’m reading this collection of science fiction stories and there’s one written in the 1930’s called “A Martian Odyssey.” In it there is this Martian that’s kind of like an ostrich, with a rubbery beak that’s also a trunk… and it calls itself “Tweerl”–at least, that’s the only way the human can pronounce its name “without sputtering.”

I think it’d be fabulous to be able to make the sound that represents the name of the ostrich Martian.

I read this thread title and immediately thought, “Klingon.” I guess that’s where I go when I think “non-human,” rather than the purring and the growling and the wobble-wubba described herein.

Michael Winslow

A loon or a howling wolf. I spend a lot of time in Northern Minnesota I guess.

Ditto on purring.

The sound of jeans tearing. Would be HELLA fun at parties and such.

god I’m evil…

The miaow (sp?) specific to demanding food. I would never have to cook again.

I’d like to make that truck-backing-up beeep beeep sound.
To wake up careless drivers that are cutting too close to me when I’m in a crosswalk.