If you could shove your head up your ass how far could you go

Before you were stopped by your own body?

Unless you were ultra limber most people would suffer bones breaking, spines snapping and muscles tearing off attachment points before you got close enough to worry about the head into ass thing.

I’m not sure I understand. My body is ALREADY preventing from shoving my head up my ass. If I hypothetically COULD shove it up my own ass, then hypothetically I could shove my whole body up my ass until I disappeared into a singularity…
So to answer your question, 5.3 centimeters.

Assume your bones are made of rubber.

OK now we’re in superhero comics territory

Hancock - Your head goes up his ass

Well, okay, but to get with the spirit and intent of OP’s question (I think), let’s ask: How far could any-generic-body shove his/her head up any-other-generic-body’s ass? (Let’s assume that the coming generation of microcephalics don’t count for this investigation.)

If the rubber is infinitely ductile, I could nest myself inside myself in infinitely many layers.

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We get hypothetical physics type question in GQ all the time, but this is well beyond even “assume a spherical cow” types of reality.

I think we’ll punt this one over the IMHO where everyone can give their own interpretation of the make-believe physics involved and their opinions of how it should all work.

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I’d think if you tried to shove your head up someone else’s ass, that would be about the same measurement. Do we have any volunteers?

I’ve been a 2nd Lieutenant. I’m pretty sure I could manage almost but not quite above the shoulders based on that experience.

Why do you need to know this. . .are you planning on becoming a progressive liberal ?

I got $5 on samclem.

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Are you on a conveyer belt?

Dunno; do we get to work our way up from gerbils and light bulbs first?

Okay, assuming a spherical cow, if she could she shove her head up her ass, how far could she go?