If you had to give each forum a color, which would you choose?

I was thinking it would be “neat” if each forum had a specific highlight color (like right now this page is purple) so you could instantly tell where you are. Which led to wondering which colors I would choose for each forum…

So waddya think? What colors would you choose?

(And I want some reasons here, not just a list of colors. What’s the fun in that?)

ATMB: White, the color of innocence. ATMB certaainly is the most innocous board here.

Comments on Cecil’s Columns: brown, ignoring the “please don’t gush” advice.

General Questions: Gold. The advice one can get there is worth a lot.

Great Debates: Red. Some debates there are fought in a very active way, so red would be suitable.

IMHO: Blue, the color of democracy. IMHO is the best example for a truly democratic platform.

MSIMS: Covered in many different colors, like a rainbow, to reflect the diversity there.

The Pit: Black, because it goes along with a ranter’s frustration

ATMB - Black
COCC - Brown
GQ- White
GD - Green
Cafe Society - Purple
IMHO - Yellow
BBQ PIT - Orange or Red

ATMB is VB coloured.
COCC is yellow ochre.
GQ is off-white and grey.
Great Debates is green and black
Cafe Society is plum
IMHO is pale blue.
MPSIMS is cerise.
The Pit is chrome orange and burnt umber.

ATMB is the brick red of form and structure.

COCC is yellow. I’m not sure why.

GQ is green, because it is the hard currency of the SDMB.

GD is black and white.

CS is velvety purple, like a very comfortable chaise that has bon-bons next to it.

IMHO is a friendly, lively, dynamic orange.

MPSIMS is sky blue, like when little kids draw clouds and use a blue crayon because it is the juxtaposition of cloud and sky.

The Pit is so bright it is blinding me and I can’t see what color it is. It’s just shiny with hot rage. So uh, “hot rage” color. I think it might be infrared.