If you hand count one county hand count all...

If there is to be a fair count in Florida hand count the whole damn state. This bullshit of counting likely places to find votes is completely assinine and just plain wrong. Lawyers need to change from a great over abundance that there is now to a very endangered species.

You’re absolutely right on the first point. (Futiley) attempting to take partisanship out of this, it is a cost/benefit analysis (accuracy versus cost). Recounting the entire state by hand is an expensive proposition. In places where there haven’t been reports of significant numbers of unread ballots, the cost may be determined to outweigh the benefits of hand counting every ballot. Who makes that determination? Under Florida law, the candidates.

As for your second point, while there may be an overabundance of lawyers in general, I don’t see how that applies to the issue of requesting hand counts. Under Florida law, the candidates, not lawyers, have the right to request a recount.