If you hate the yankees......

Paul O’Neill. Whiny crybaby jackass.

Joe Gordon
he won the mvp over “The best hitter ever” Ted Williams in 1942 when ted beat him in every batting catatgory except strikeouts

My hatred of the Yankees stems from my childhood. Back before interleague games were played, there used to be an annual event called the Mayor’s Trophy game - still exists but it’s not such a big deal anymore - when the Yankees played the Mets for the Mayor’s Trophy. My mother was a big Mets fan and she took me to a Mayor’s Trophy game - I think I was about 6 or 7. I had on my Lee Mazzilli jersey and my little ball glove in case any foul balls came near me. What should have been a great day at the ballpark was ruined because Yankee fans have no couth and no discretion. I was showered with insults and beer. Since then I have hated the Yankees with a vehemence that exceeds all else.

If I were in an elevator with George Steinbrenner and Osama bin Laden and had a gun with only 2 bullets, I’d shoot Steinbrenner…twice.

I hate the Yanks because of the constant victory parades!

Dammit, there they go again–Lower Manhattan is totally shut off for cars, the subways and bridges are clogged with happy singing people from Westchester and Brooklyn and Lawn Guyland and Jersey, I never know where to stand so I can see over the big guys, confetti gets into all the windows and cornices, the newspapers have these big punning headlines, everybody is cheerful and polite and grinning like idiots, and I never know which bit of Yankee gear to wear, so I wear it all and look kind of silly at work.

Can you guys relate? :smiley:

d & r!

Who is Kapler?

I love the Yanks, but I hate Steinbrenner. Never much cared for Clemens either.

Clemens with Boston - Damn hothead. Who does he think he is trying to kill those batters…

Clemens with Toronto - Damn money grubbing hothead. Grab a bat and see how it feels to be knocked down with a 95 MPH fastball thrown at your nose…

Clemens with New York - Greatest pitcher on the planet! A fine intimidator. Don’t get comfortable in the box. Go Roger!

Made me laugh Snooopy!

I’d like to see my Indians pick up Gabe Kapler. I thought that he was on the potential 2003 free agent list, but my check of Gammons’ column doesn’t show him.

I never thought that Texas would let Kapler go. The Tribe needs a RH power bat and could use him at 3B:

Gabe Kapler is with Boston, not New York.

The vote here: Steinbrenner.

Oh, just thought of another one, although he has not actually been up with the Yankees much so far:

Drew Henson.

This no good so-and-so left my favorite college football team (Michigan Wolverines) and went to the baseball team I hate the most.