If you hate the yankees......

If you hate the yankees post your player that you hate most.
The one I hate most is

Derek Jeter

Bucky Dent

Roger “I Make Ty Cobb look like a Saint” Clemens

When this pussy bats on Tuesday…I hope they drill his ass with a 95 MPH fastball right in the middle of his back.

Steinbrenner. (He may not play baseball, but he’s a “player” of the worst sort.)

Make that another vote for Jeter, and I have always said that Steinbrenner makes a deal with the devil at the start of the season.

You only wish they were on your team.

Oh, and Mr.Obvious… Mike Mussina will be pitching Tuesday. I don’t think Joe Torre will be pinch hitting with Clemons - but I may be wrong.

Ohhh but I hate them all so much. For tops I would have to go with fat ass David Wells. Embodies the Yankee arrogance. I actually kind of like Andy Pettite and would love to see him leave the Yankees.

I’d say Steinbrenner or Clemens. That’s what’s weird about my hatred of the Yankees, most of their players I like and respect, but the collective whole is what I hate.

Oh yeah, Mu$$ina but that’s only cuz I’m a Baltimore fan.

Kapler. He just looks like an asshole.

And NO, if they whores were on my team I would NOT like them. I know they have good players, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.

Jason “I’m being investigated for subpoened for steroids, plus I’m a greedy sell out who bargained my soul and my personality for a few extra bucks” Giambi. And David Wells.

And Steinbrenner.

I have to agree with fruitbat, though. I can’t hate Pettitte and I’m secrectly rooting for him during his starts (well, for him to do well and his bullpen to blow it). I hope he goes to the Astros in the offseason.

Actually, the devil picks up his option on Steinbrenner.

Derek ‘Carousing with his Friends’ Jeter.

hey Nobrainer. Yes, we wish they were all on our team. We wish we had some rich team owner to buy the best cheapest players out there to take us to every championship.

It’s kinda like if your playing hide and go seek, and your friend brings nightvision goggles to help him out… Damn rich bastard ruining the fun…

George Costanza!

Or if it has to be a non-fictional member of the Yankee organization, Steinbrenner or Clemens.


Go, Pudge, go!

I know I’ll be killed for this, but I’m a Jeter fan. (If you’re asking why I’m in here…well, curiosity killed the cat, I suppose.)

Why is it no one in this thread seems to like him?

Well, Derek is a brilliant player, but in his first round of VISA ads, he said he can’t cook. If he can’t cook, he’s no gentleman. His smug attitude in the ads is probably a sham, played for laughs. For the luvva Duck, Derek, you can afford cooking lessons.

Ahh…a fellow Red Sox fan, I’ll second Bucky Dent.