"If you ignore the Evilness, it's hilarious."

In this CS thread “Donating Racist Books” I said of The Turner Diaries-

“Like a Manson interview, if you ignore the Evilness, it’s hilarious.”

So what things would you find horrifying, evil or just offensive, but because of some other factor, you find entertaining… and why?

Movies with over-the-top brutality btw sometimes qualify- Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, and the granddaddy A Clockwork Orange.

Eat the Poo Poo.

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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” - Horace Walpole

I thought Floyd Mayweather’s recent rant about Manny Pacquiao was pretty funny. And I still find Rosanne’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” hysterical.

Oh, and a significant number of things people rant about in The Pit are things I personally laugh at.

Westboro Baptist Church, w w w . g o d h a t e s f a g s . c o m .

Fred Phelps is so rabidly anti-gay (and anti- a few other things, but they are drowned out by the anti-gaity) that I find his web site amusing and check it fairly often just to see if he has said something else goofy. If he weren’t quite so rabidly anti-gay he might actually be dangerous.

Well, Borat. In character, Baron-Cohen destroys property, exploits people, and does all manner of reprehensible things, but it’s still a pretty funny movie.

Certain white-supremacist message boards, where they fling the racially oriented poo with hardly a care for how much gets on theirownselves.

Fred Phelps had a newscast-type video that someone put up on YouTube in the comedy section where the main message was “the earth is TOAST.”

After he said this, a picture of toast appeared in the corner of the screen.

My friends and I all busted out laughing.

We also refer to table salt in restaurants as “Lot’s Wife,” because of that same video. There was a bit where Phelpsie recalled how Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt after befriending and pitying teh gheyz.

Honestly, sometimes I can’t understand why these folks are taken so seriously. (Well, okay, I guess there’s the whole “marching at funerals” thing.) They’re too ridiculous for words.

Chick tracts.

Battle Royale

The first time I tried watching it, I couldn’t get through the first half hour. The second time, I watched it all the way through and loved it.

US health care and the fight over it’s control.

People are going bankrupt and dying, but it’s all just a big game to win elections.

Kind of funny if you’re not sick and have good health care.

Oh, and chiropractic medicine.

HP Lovecraft. There’s an unfortunate amount of racism in his works.

Oh, hey, I forgot one:

American Psycho. The entire movie. The business card scene in particular had me in stitches. I saw it with one group of friends and we were all laughing so hard we were crying. Then I watched it with another group of friends, and they all looked at me funny because I was the only one laughing.

(And something I found distinctly ironic: the group of friends that laughed at the film? All girls. The group of friends that looked at me funny? All dudes. Maybe that just says something about my friends.)

I have heard it argued that American Psycho is actually supposed to be considered funny, though, so…shrug

Very hard to ignore the genuine evil, what with so many lives being destroyed so capriciously, but there certainly is a ridiculous element to the McMartin preschool trial and similar witch hunts of the late 1980s.

Heck, any witch hunt – literal or metaphorical – has a hilarious element. During the McCarthy hearings and the dig at Roy Cohn, “a close relative of a fairy” comes to mind.

I second the Turner Diaries. It’s a must read. Half of it is actually a fairly entertaining account of how an underground guerrilla group might overthrow the US government. The other half is the most evil, racist fantasy wish fulfillment you’ll ever read, to such an extent that it crosses the line twice. The Day of the Rope section was almost gleeful. They trigger a nuclear holocaust of most of the human race and it’s all good, as long as the whites are left standing.

But sprinkled around the narrative are gut busting asides or plot points. Like…The System has become more inefficient and corrupt due to widespread integration, especially among police and military. There are tons of scenes where they sneak past inattentive or sleeping black guards.

The courts rule that prosecuting rape is racist and sexist. So after that black people will either rape an unattended white woman on sight or try to put his hand up her skirt while white people sit around and watch, afraid of intervening and becoming a racist. Several plot points revolve around this, including the death of a major character.

After The System begins to break down black people become cannibals, mostly targeting white people.

In 3 different scenes our protagonists have to imitate blacks, Jews, and Mexicans. The dialogue is face palm worthy.

After California is freed all the minorities are rounded up and…not killed, surprisingly. Instead they’re marched onto the rest of the U.S. as a bio-weapon. The author laughs because the System’s views on “equality” will be their own downfall.

There are several scenes during the liquidation process where they don’t know what to do with the mongrels. Those swarthy types with frizzy hair. There’s millions of them! Lots of hand wringing ensues, but eventually they’re all shot. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Oh yeah, and Jews are the master control race who use other minorities as a biological weapon against their only adversary for worldwide domination, white people. Did you know the women’s lib movement was led by Jewesses trying to cause a civil war among whites? Jews are also behind all laws making minorities equal with whites. And they tricked the U.S. into going to war with Germany, who finally figured out what had to be done. And so on.

Then there are passages like these…

He just kept topping himself. I couldn’t put it down.

Kim Jong-il. I was the target age for Team America: World Police and the South Park parodies. I just want to laugh at the absurdity of this old man who dresses like an old grandpa with huge sunglasses. But then I remember that, you know, he’s committed horrible atrocities.

Any movie with Hitler having a meltdown and screaming at people makes me want to laugh too. It’s always like horrible overacting, but it’s based on him.

So yeah, nutcase dictators. Evil but sometimes amusing.

“Gibbeted”? :dubious:

HP Lovecraft certainly packs on the purple prose, but I never really thought of his stuff as hilarious.

Edit: I see the OP was talking about being entertaining, generally. My mistake! Though I suppose to some, the description of unspeakable horrors can be pretty funny.

The Fifth Sorceress, by Robert Newcomb, meets this description to a t. It’s nominally a “fantasy novel”, in reality about 500 pages of violent, misogynistic pornography mixed with 200 pages of fourth rate Tolkien-ripoff plot. Women enjoy commiting rape, mass-murder, and torture, while men are hapless victims. And I can’t shake a nagging suspicion that the author meant it to be taken seriously. Nonetheless it’s hilarious and I recommend it to any adult who wants a good laugh.