If you knew for 100% that you wouldn't be caught, what would you do?

Yeah, if you knew somehow for 100% that you would not get caught and not even God would know what you do (if you are religious that is), what would you do? Would you cheat on someone, kill someone, steal something you’ve always wanted, beat up someone, or something else like this? Or would you stick to what you deem “moral” and not take this oppertunity?

You can do anything you want, so what would you do?

I would break into Barnes and Noble, and load a semi-trailer with as many books as my greedy little heart desires. I would do this once a year, to keep my library up to date.

I would break into the bank accounts of rich folks and make large donations to charities.

I would break into a toy store during Christmas and donate the toys to poor children.

Whack off in the middle of downtown. That would be cool.

Oh man, this whole war with Iraq thing? Over in five minutes.

Yeah, but I don’t want that notoriety. . .

The “Infamous Liberator”.

Damnit, Tripler, you stole my idea.

Can I take “Kidnap Bin Laden and hand him over to the nearest friendly Police Agency/Military Unit?” for $1000?

I’d deliver a swift kick to the balls of the guy who made my life a living hell at my last workplace.


I’ll tell you this much: There’d be a WHOLE LOT less ignorance to fight.

Have sex with my partner (and take photos) in all the landmark-y public places in Sydney :slight_smile:

Nothing I’m not currently doing.

Morals that are based on the fear of getting caught worry me.

Well, besides going to the local electronics store and obtaining several top of the line computers and all the games, I would kill Sadam, Bin Laden, Kim Il Jung, and that dictator in Zimbawae (sp?); that and I would do some stuff that would probably make everyone cringe, so I won’t mention it here.

Man oh man, the Mafia would have NOTHING on the crime syndicate I would build.

Steal a several million dollars

Beat up some people i don’t like

gather cash in a staggering quantity.

Kill 3 people.

Between those 2 things, I really wouldn’t have to worry about anything else, ever. Those 2 items woud insure my ongoing happiness.

I agree.

I’m not sure I do. Getting rid of a bloody dictator by non-violent means, to cite but one example, is probably near the height of morality. And if I could do that without “being caught,” i.e. by said dictator’s security goons, I’d do it.

I agree with Mr. Visible. However, if I could get a LOT of money without hurting someone else I’d do it…like if I could buy a wining ticket to a big lottery.
Shamefully, I must admit there’s a few heads I’d thump, given the opportunity. Especially if I could go back in time and thump people who tormented me in school. And some people who’d be a whole lot less stupid.

I’d do the same things as Lissa.

I’d run fully-clothed through the middle of nude beach. Anti-streaking, if you will.

Great! As soon as my Complete Immunity Superpowers are granted, I’ll swing by and pick you up. Two sets of hands would make the looting of B&N go so much quicker.

Two words: pot field.