If you only check one link this year...check this one!

Finally, the perfect link for those of us who are intolerant of ignorance.

Please dont send me money…your eternal gratitude is more than enough!


Well, kelli, I went in here thinking, “Damn it, it BETTER be worth it!” and it was! Thanks for the link!

P.S. You have my gratitude. But I’d like my wallet back! :slight_smile:



Warning: Sometimes, the deaths reported are Urban Legends. Check the stories through Snopes or The Urban Legend Archives.


I take personal checks, or gold bullion.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’ve been a regular reader of the Darwin Awards for a couple of years. It proves my theory that evolution does work, by removing the terminally dim from the gene pool. :slight_smile:

Underneath my clothes I am completely naked.

Cool…almost all of my fave regs!

(I dont care if they are urban legends, they are horribly amusing!)

Oh, byx…I gave your wallet to UncleBeer!

Kelli! Are you INSANE!!! I had two credit cards in there with a zero balance and a seven thousand dollar limit! Shit! I’m now gonna get these statements with charges like:

20 kegs of beer
200 Bags of chips
50 latex condoms
3 butane fart lighters
35 pairs of “french maid” outfits
35 all purpose “wet T-shirt” shirts
1000 tablets of Viagra
----- this is just to supply the Guy Stuff Thread. But I know he will ALSO get the following:
1 Real Doll (as a gift)
2 cartons of FDS (also a gift)
1 all purpose hair poofing device (see where I’m going with this?)

And a partridge in a pear tree!!!


Only 3 fart lighters? Can’t be much of a party.

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

JBENZ – all of that shit and you are worried about the FART LIGHTERS?!

Get your ass over there! Bring your bic (whole new meaning to flick your bic, huh?) And bring what ever else might be needed…

Damn… did I miss something?

Byz, my hair is terminally “poofed.” I don’t need a “poofing device.” And I had to return the lighters; they didn’t work worth a “shit.” I do think I’ll need a few more condoms, though.

Now c’mon over here and try on one of these french maid outfits.

Anybody want some chips?

Easy one-step assembly instructions.
Pour Beer A in Uncle B.

Uncle– honey, the poofing device wasn’t for you… and you can get all the condoms you need AFTER you give my card back. Um, by the way… where is it? You didn’t give it to someone else, did you?