If you owned the internet...

If I owned the internet, I would make loads of new top-domains, and make people stick to the right domain names, cos I like my internet nice and tidy :slight_smile:

Some of the ones I would make would be:
[li] .vom - for all the gross-out sites like rotten.com and ratemypoop etc.[/li][li] .cum - for all the porn sites, or more realistically .xxx and include the other various adult-themed sites.[/li][li] .kid - only material that is suitable for smalls, parents could lock their kids browsers to only work within the .kid domain.[/li][/ul]

What top-domains would you make if you owned the internet?
What else would you do if you owned the internet?

.tfh for those that have conspiracy laden or nutjob attracting sites.

.tfh stands, of course, for Tin Foil Hat.

Also, I would create a loophole so that I would have a backdoor into every pay website in the world.

Go me.

If I owned the internet the world would be mine, one barely legal cherry popping virgin teen at a time.

There would be a lot more porn.

Is that even possible?

There´s always room for more porn.

As to what I will do were the Internet mine, I’ll make porn FREE. :slight_smile:

And speaking of porn, I wonder what muslim countries consider as porn. Would a woman taking off her veil be considered pornographic? And, more importantly, what do women in harems do between each other???

Hmmm, thinking about widespread lesbian behavior in harems has given me an idea for a great fuck film: Osama’s Harem. Basic gist of the plot: After Osama leaves to pursue his jihad, the woman discover what they’ve been missing and…Fuckarama!!!

I sometimes wonder if kids given e-mail accounts get the smut spam.

[Al Gore]
I invented the internet.
[/Al Gore]

[George Bush]

asiudh aspiuhf9uer fhbloonalishu

[/George Bush]

I don’t recall getting any when I was a kid with email. Not getting any now, either.

Both of my younger brothers(mid-teens) have gotten lots of smut email. Not that they seem to mind, but still…

If I owned the internet, the first thing that I would do would be to add overhead to all web-pages to make Internet Explorer unable to read them. Next, I would make any sort of spamming and efforts to track users a jailable offence (similar to fraud).Projects such as Palladium and the serial number for CPUs would be viewed as gross invasions of privacy, and shut down. Virus and hacking behavior would be a crime similar to destruction of private property, and be dealt with accordingly.

I would also launch an ambitious project, similar in scope to the Library of Alexandria. The intent would be to collect all written/Artistic works of the Human Race in once place, electronically, for all to browse. I would periodically broadcast the contents of this repository in to space.