If You Pulled a Roethlisberger. . .

would your employer punish you?

We were discussing this question last night. You’re out and about. You have one too many, and pretty soon you are walking around with your penis hanging out, molesting others.

Although Big Ben is not facing any criminal charges (last I heard), his employer is punishing him for his behaviour. So, what about where you work? Would you sit out a few games? Suffer only water-cooler kidding? Be fired? Get a promotion?

And, as an aside. . .Michael Vick? :dubious:

Would you mind telling us what “pulling a Roethlisberger” means?

(Yes, I googled, but all I got was sites talking about it as if I already knew what he had done.)

Apparently he is being accused of rape. And he just lost his endorsement for beef jerky.

Let the puns begin!

“pulling a Roethlisberger” =

He may or may not have raped one or more females who chose not to pursue criminal charges. He behaved in an undignified manner. He may have used his bodyguards to block access to the woman (women) he may or may not have been raping in the ladies room.

In general, he was crass.

No question whatsoever, I’d be fired.

^Really? Last night we all were impressed that, although embarrassed, we would all still have our jobs.

At the very least I’d be demoted until I was not managing other people. Most likely I’d be fired.

My line of work… I’d be fired. Ironically the same line of work at Big Ben’s bodyguard who will soon be fired as well… : >

As long as you show up for work and don’t cause trouble in the facility then I doubt that anything official would actually happen to me and my job. I suspect though that my manager would make it very clear that I’m under close scrutiny and it would be better for everyone if I stayed out of trouble.

Are we supposed to assume that we’re famous enough that everyone would know what we’ve done? If I got in any kind of trouble, my employer wouldn’t even know the details.

^Assuming you made the local newspaper’s front (only?) page…

It used to mean stupidly riding your motorcycle without a helmet (and then getting t-boned).

But he decided to up the stupidity several notches.

If there were no criminal charges, it would probably not affect my position.

I deal with employees of our company facing criminal charges all the time, incidentally. Typically they are suspended without pay until either they are convicted (and we fire them) or they are cleared (and we reinstate them).

Reinstated with all back pay?

But just like rival quarterback Carson Palmer, he may be in the running for a hot dog ad.

Likely no repercussions. I’d probably get some dirty looks from my fellow employees, however.

The difference between me and Ben is that he has a contract with public behavior conditions. I do not.

No. These are hourly employees, so they don’t have any hours to be paid for if they were suspended (technically it is a leave of absence).

Bummer. I was just thinking about how a “skammer” could purposely get him/her self charged, knowing they were innocent, just to get a vacation (paid) from work.

Ah! I thought you were going to protest that (potentially) innocent employees were being penalized without pay.

Getting drunk and playing grab ass with remorseful skanks. Getting warnings from his employers to cease behaving like an ass in public, and blowing them off. Behaving like an arrogant and entitled ass. Having the local police pimp and lie for you.