If your car is bigger than the USS Missouri then it's NOT a compact

I have a little 2 door puddle jumper and my car has trouble fitting in those compact spaces. I know that parking spaces may be at a premium but I’m tired of having to park next to SUVs and Hummers the size of the fucking Space Shuttle overhanging the spaces basically taking up three spaces. And I bet you piss and moan when someone door dings you because you left them a whopping 2 inches to open their door. Guess what - you fucking deserve it and if you don’t like it, park the next row over AND WALK AN EXTRA 10 FUCKING FEET!

You just don’t understand.

The size of the vehicle is directly proportional to the driver’s sense of entitlement.

Well then bitch at the businesses that started this whole “compact only” bullshit!
I drive a pickup (it’s a work truck) and hate that compact space crap, and will take up two spaces at lunch if I have to, instead of walking another hundred feet.

Why the fuck should people with compact cars get precedence over full sized vehicles? Sure, fuck Hummers and concrete trucks, but SUV’s? Why shouldn’t I be able to park my regular sized pickup truck, (which is the same wheelbase of an SUV) close to the business?

Feel entitled much? Remember that next time you hire a remodeler and bitch because he couldn’t bring all his tools in one load in the Kia, and backcharges you for the extra time and mileage… :rolleyes:

You probably also drive by yourself in the diamond lands too. Fuck the carpools - why should they get precedence over you?

The reason is that they decided that they want more parking spaces. Does that inconvienence you? Sure - so your solution is to inconvienence the person parked next to you? Selfish. Take it up with the owner of the business. Why not park in the fire lane? It’s even closer. Better yet, park in the handicapped zone - fuck the cripples. It’s very important that you get a close as possible to the entrance.

Uh, Hello dipshit, driving in HOV lanes, which I don’t do, or parking in fire lanes. which I don’t do either has nothing to do with what the fuck I asked in my post.

I asked why YOU didn’t take it up with the businesses. My main question was “Why should compact cars have precedence over full sized vehicles?”

As for the handicapped issue, I have had a prosthetic leg for 20 years, and don’t need a handicap placard, I can walk, so you can also shove that up your ass.

I’ve never understood what’s so different about DIY in the US that those doing it have to use such huge vehicles (that its so easy to steal out of the back of…) than people here in the UK :confused:

Well mate, we just have bigger…tools :wink:

Bolding mine – miss that part?

You know, business owners don’t hate SUVs or anything. A lot of times I see those “compact only” spaces in certain tight spots, odd corners, etc., in parking garages, and when some asshole parks his monster vehicle in one of those, it’s a pain in the ass for people who parked around him (trying to get back into their vehicles, trying to pull out of the spot) and those who have to try to drive past when the boat is sticking out.

I find it very ironic that you question the right of businesses to choose to have parking spaces for compact cars because those spaces are an inconvenience to you, but you have no problem in annoying other potential parkers by taking up two spaces if you feel like it.

I just don’t get it. Businesses: shouldn’t be allowed to decide how they want to allocate their parking spaces. You: should be allowed to rudely take up two spaces if you feel like it.

Those who wish the status quo changed are the ones who should “bitch at the businesses”.

Because the business wants to maximize the use of the space in the parking lot / garage.

The “one size fits all (except for hummers and large buses)” parking space wastes space if there are a lot of customers who use the business and drive smaller vehicles. This is usually not an issue for even grocery stores (unless parking space is at a premium). However, you can easily imagine that a business that only makes money by providing space to park (i.e. garages and for-pay-lots) and has a huge number of parking spaces needs to maximize the return on the investment (i.e. the space). So they have to tailor the parking spaces to get more of them in.

If you feel slighted that there are more compact car sized spaces near your desired destination, please feel free to complain to the respective PTB to see if they will alter their business plan for you.

Yes, parking your SUV in a compact spot is fucking obnoxious. Your car deserves whatever damage irrate compact drivers care to dish out.

Hold on. Your excuse for occupying multiple compact-only spots at a business you’re patronizing is that you need a big truck to work someplace completely different?

I assume in the interest of solidarity with fellow need-truck-workers that you’d support a semi taking up 20 or 30 parking spaces so they can stop off for a latte at Starbucks?

Well, in most places where i’ve seen special spaces for compact cars, they are not actually nearer the entrance to the store than regular parking spaces. They are, as Ferret Herder has pointed out, more often placed in areas where there are tight corners, low ceilings, lots of support columns, etc. Places where larger vehicles might have trouble maneuvering.

Because that’s what the store/mall owners—you know, the owners of the property on which you are parking—have decided.

Why should he? If you want the compact car spaces removed, that’s your problem, and you don’t get to ignore the business’s directions regarding the use of its space just because you’re a selfish motherfucker.


Your real handicap is clearly mental, not physical.

I understand why you need to park close when you are at work, and don’t want to waste time transporting your tools to and from your truck.

But why do you have any special entitlement at lunch? Other people have jobs, too.

I can’t speak about the situation you’re experiencing, but in our parking ramp, there are a couple levels that require two-way traffic and those are the levels the “Compact Only” signs are located. There simply isn’t room for two automobiles to pass one another if there are long automobiles parked in those spaces.

I know because the signs are ignored and as a result, those levels are frequently jammed as traffic from one direction have to stop and let the traffic from the other direction make it past that section.

I agree that some businesses make “compact spaces” to try to “make” more spaces and if there simply AREN’T spaces for larger vehicles, then those larger vehicles need to park too. But if there ARE spaces for both size vehicles, we should all park in spaces that made to fit our own vehicles.

:confused: huh :confused:

I dunno, but it seems to me that…

A) if a business is hiring a contractor to work there, it will usually provide a space near wherever the work is being done to park their vehicles
B) if a contractor is going to the Home Center to get supplies, there is usually a loading doc where he can go drive his truck over and pick up the supplies
C) I have no idea what Opal drives.

THIS on the other hand…

(emphasis mine)
…is just being obnoxious. Nobody has a “right” to walk as little as possible.

I don’t mind that there are some compact only spaces at the lumber yard.

What I do mind is that no matter how far I am willing to walk, there are NO spaces appropriatly sized for a full-sized pickup.

It’s a freaking lumber yard. They need some “Big assed trucks only” spaces.

Probably something sensible and German.
I think Klaatu is saying that he is so harassed by Compact Only spaces that he will have to get rid of his truck and buy a KIA, as will all his fellow contractors. I smoked in New York in 2003, so I recognize the quasi-apocalyptic rant style.

My only encounter with these spaces was at the library I used to go to. There was so little room between the building and the wall the spaces were lined up against that anything larger than a compact would have impeded the flow of traffic. Poeple parked their SUVs there anyway, so two cars couldn’t fit through, or even one car and one family of four going the other way.

If you can’t stand to walk an extra 100 feet, maybe you should put aside your pride in your prosthesis and ask your doctor to get you that handicapped tag. The handicapped spaces are usually large enough for big vehicles.