Once again, a parking rant.

Vehicles that are meant to be parked in “compact” parking spaces:
[li]Compact cars.[/li][/ul]

Vehicles that are not meant to be parked in “compact” parking spaces, but nevertheless were found in such spaces in the hospital parking lot this morning:
[li]Chevy Tahoes.[/li][li]Ford Expeditions.[/li][li]Ford F-150 pickup trucks.[/li][/ul]

Vehicles that are not meant to be parked across two “compact” parking spaces:
[li]All vehicles.[/li][li]But especially the aforementioned Ford F-150 pickup trucks.[/li][/ul]

Suitable karmic vengeance for parking a Ford F-150 truck across two “compact” parking spaces, in a hospital parking lot that’s crowded enough as it is:
[li]Having said truck split in two by a powerful laser beam precisely across the line separating the two parking spaces.[/li][li]Having said truck crushed into a size small enough to fit in a single “compact” parking space.[/li][li]Having said truck sold to help pay for an expansion of the hospital’s parking lot, and replaced with a more size-efficient vehicle for the owner’s benefit, possibly a Lada or a Pinto.[/li][li]Public shaming.[/li][/ul]

Reasons why Orbifold should never have access to industrial lasers, car crushers, or the right of eminent domain:
[li]See previous list.[/li][/ul].


With all due respect; When you stop parking your Prius(es) and Corollas in the full-sized spaces, I’ll quit squeezing my 1-ton crew-cab long-bed monstrosity into your “compact” spaces. 'Till then, move aside, please.

Sauce for the goose, etc. etc.

(I do agree with using atomic land torpeoes on the 2-space users, tho’)

Dammit. "torpedoes ". with a “p”. (I know; preview)

Compact cars have always struck me as death traps.

Don’t know about CA, but in my east coast state (city) the provision of compact size parking spaces was adopted into zoning codes when compact cars started getting popular in the late ‘70’s. It was to accommodate the smaller vehicles without wasting the extra space needed for regular/big cars. In my area at least 25% of the parking spaces in a lot had to be compact (8’ x 16’ vs 9’ x 19’). Each such space or row of them had to have “Small vehicle parking only” signs posted.
Most compact sections of parking lots were located at the farthest reaches of the lot. There was absolutely no enforcement against violations. A second result of the provision of such spaces was that the site developer could meet his/her minimum parking space number with less pavement and lot size. I do not know if the requirement still exists in my area but the sites developed in that era still have the small spaces and the signs, which are still not being enforced. Conversion of the spaces to “regular” size is usually impossible as the width of the aisles and maneuvering areas was also downsized.

You might want to check the local zoning/traffic codes and see if parking of improper vehicles in such spaces (or if overlap) is a legal parking violation. If so, call the enforcement agents every time you see it.

Ignorant European question - what do you guys actually consider a ‘compact’ car? And what is a normal size?

I’ve never been to Europe, so I’m not certain on the comparisons. But I believe that what we consider ‘compact’ all you silly furriners consider ‘normal-sized and not requiring the daily oil output of a small mid-eastern nation to get out of the driveway.’ By normal, we mean ‘obnoxiously-large minivan with power doors for the soccer mom who has to transport the entirety of three kids every now and then.’ And by large, we mean ‘I can run flat over an Abrams tank and not need to slow down, so get the hell out of my way, you and your fuel efficiency both!’

I, for one, want one of these. More cold-weather friendly than a bike, but just about as easy to park.

Aside from Ninjachick’s snide and utterly useless time-wasting remarks, cards in America are usually a bit bigger. Some of them, like SUV’s, are built pretty tough and big, and can comfortably carry 5 people while still having enough cargo space for 3 more people and/or the groceries. They’re a big hit and aren’t fuel efficient because they fell into a legal loophole for light trucks, but they can fit into normal parking spaces. Compacts are closer to what most people who have cars have in Germany or England or Japan. They’re not very good in a wreck, though.

BTW, does anyone else want to accuse me and my Honda Accord of being excessively fuel-inefficient?

Light trucks are actually a bit more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than cars. Many small cars are statistically safer than large SUVs. Cite and cite.

Light trucks have a very high center of gravity and (generally) poor handling. They need to be driven very conservatively. However, from what I’ve seen, the typical SUV driver is very aggressive. This leads to a very high rate of solo vehicle accidents.

You misspelled accurate.

It’s the two space parkers that bug me. Anyone who deliberately takes up two spaces ought to be flayed like Jesus.

Oh, piss the fuck off. Because I buy a car small enough to fit in any space I want, I’m suddenly not allowed to park it in any goddamn space it fits in? Because my car fits in every space, and your car fits in only some of the spaces, I should be limited? That’s fucking absurd, and you’re a fucking asshole.

Hey wife, get your sister and mother and I’ll go ring up uncle cletus. We’re going grocery shopping!

I’ve never heard of this “compact car spots”, either that, or I’ve never paid attention enough to notice. This rant aside, does the system generally work, or does it just create frustration?

As long as he fits between the lines, he’s got as much right in the compact spaces as you do. As he wrote (and you neglected to quote), " (I do agree with using atomic land torpeoes on the 2-space users, tho’)".

I’ve only seen them in parking garages, and then only in the tight spots like the end of a row. I’d park my Chevy S-10 POS in them, but I wouldn’t dream of trying to stuff the Trailbalzer in one. With my fat ass, I’d never be able to get out of the vehicle.

Even when there are signs clearly saying “Compact cars ONLY”? Those spaces are deliberately made smaller than “regular” spaces. I’m sure lots of big trucks CAN fit right between the lines - and they are so close to the lines that they prevent the people next to them from getting out of their car.

When they start putting up signs in front of certain spaces that say “Large oversized vehicles only” then I will be pleased to not park there.

I’m so jealous, I wish they made all parking lots like that. In fact, my idea would be a little different. One row for big vehicles (i.e. trucks, light trucks, SUVs, minivans, vans, etc.) then have the next row for smaller cars. That way no one is further away from the entrance than another and those of us who choose to drive the small cars can SEE WHEN THEY ARE BACKING OUT OF A SPACE.

Like I said in a similar thread, if I ever hit a pedestrian or another vehicle trying to inch out because I can’t see around the behemouth next to me, the owner of said gas-guzzling, need-to-make-up-for-certain-inadequacies, I-think-I’m tough-so-I-have-to-drive-something-scary and the company with the clusterfuck of a parking lot will get sued for any damages.

As far as the specific rant in the OP, write down license plate numbers, report them to the hospital (or whatever place you’re at). If they don’t do it, call the local police. If they don’t do it, then by all means leave a nasty note or purchase that laser or bulldozer to destroy the vehicle! :wink:

They may be accurat - I make no judgement one way or the other. They were also snide and did not, in fact, actually answer the question. It may be the Pit, but we are still supposed to be “fighting ignorance”.

Heh. This sort of makes my day, in a disturbing, Schadenfreude sort of fashion.

I actually saw this etched into the side of a large brand new SUV:


Looks like it was done with a key or some other sharp instrument.