An SUV is NOT a small car!!!

The other day I have to go to my dentists office, and because the city has added meters along the side of the road where I used to park (a good distance away) I had to resort to the damn parking garage.

As I pull in I see a sign saying Compact Parking, but what was in those spaces…several (not just one) fucking “I do not have a penis/my penis is small” so I compensate by driving this huge wasteful and DANGEROUS SUV (shitty unnecessary vehicle). Because of this I had a hell of a time finding a place for my small car. Hey asshole, if you park your stupid SUV in a compact spot you are essentially taking two fucking spaces. If you insist on driving that monstrosity and parking where it won’t fit then you need to pay for two spots.

And I swear I rarely see one of these damn things with more than one person in them in the first place. Occasionally there will be one other passenger, but the large majority I see (and I have been paying attention to this out of idle curiosity while I am on the road) only has the driver.

If I had my preference I would rely on my bicycle and the bus however, the system here for the most part is unreliable or there is too long a wait between pickups. And if you use anything other than a four wheel metal box you get ZERO respect.

This is why I laugh when gas prices go up and this is why I wish they would stay up.

I do not want to take away anyones choice of vehicle, but if you want to drive something so wasteful and inefficient, then you should pay for the fucking privilidge.

Hey, I’m not a fan of SUVs either, and I agree with you about the parking space thing, but this…

gets my goat.

Damn, if the vehicle is offered, deemed acceptable by the NTHSA and the Department of Transportation, and purchased legally by your average Joe Consumer, why do you feel the need to belittle people for it? That is totally unnecessary.

You have enough ammo with them parking in an inappropriate spot without questioning their choice of vehicle.

By the way, I think your Civic sucks. Or whatever you drive. Why? I don’t know. Just because I feel like being insulting about it.

Get where I’m coming from here?

I agree. I actually want an SUV. I can hear you groaning; so did my husband until I explained why:

[li]My friend Sarah has epilepsy and can’t drive. She has three kids and so do I. So if we want to go anywhere while our husbands are at work, it means six kids (1 infant carseat, two toddler carseats, and two booster seats!) and two mommies in a Pontiac Sunbird. Unless you are doing some kind of new math, it doesn’t work.[/li][li]The area where I live FLOODS. Most of Houston FLOODS. My car does this thing where it dies when water gets on the distributer cap. I want a car that is higher off the ground![/li][li]Husband’s grandfather lives in Arkansas. Actually, I should say, he lives on a mountain in Arkansas, manny manny miles from anything paved. I did not see even one person attempt the drive in anything less than a truck/jeep/SUV type vehicle. Since he is Husband’s only remaining grandparent, and he lives in a beautiful area with lots of space for camping, we plan to visit as often as we can.[/li][/ul]

I probably look a lot like the proto-typical “soccer mom” (I’m not), but I feel like i have legitmate reasons for wanting an SUV. So it kind of pisses me off to hear people bitch about someone else’s choice of vehicle for no real fucking reason.

Bitch about the assholes who took your spot. Don’t ream out every single person who owns or wants the same kind of car the asshole drove.

So I guess us SUV drivers must have our vehicles filled to capacity ALL THE FUCKING TIME otherwise we’re just a bunch of dickless/small dicked wasteful idiots huh?

We do, everytime we fill up with gas. We use more, we pay more. We pay more for insurance too.

So I guess us SUV drivers must have our vehicles filled to capacity ALL THE FUCKING TIME otherwise we’re just a bunch of dickless/small dicked wasteful idiots huh?

We do, everytime we fill up with gas. We use more, we pay more. We pay more for insurance too.

Hey, I agree with the guy. Most people I know that own SUVs have no need for them. There are legitimate uses for the vehicles and I am sure a certain percentage of them get used for that particular usage, however I think the attitude of wanting a bigger car so that you will be the one doing the crushing and not the one being crushed in an accident is a little bit unhealthy. I saw this attitude in a family friend of mine who was like my aunt growing up when she drove like a maniac in her Montero and we even discussed how she felt like that.

I think most of this country doesn’t need an SUV and that SUVs are part of our consumer culture and we must have the biggest best, whatever. It’s like the people on the road who drive 50 in a a 60 but speed up when you try to pass them, like it’s a damn competition.

Anyway, if you feel your ownership of an SUV is legitimate that’s fine. Some of us are going to view it differently than you, and you have to accept that, just as we have to accept the fact that you own an SUV. It’s not like we’re stopping you from buying one. SUV owners are too defensive. The fact is SUVs are more polluting, they often ARE bought to make scared people feel less scared because they are in a tank as opposed to a smaller car.

However, to be fair, if we’re going to attack SUVs let’s get on Corvette’s and cars of that nature that get even shittier gas mileage than an SUV. (I like Corvettes incidentally) A lot of the shit we do, does damage the environment, and if you have to justify to people the damage you’re doing, then maybe you should look at the guilt that makes you feel the need to justify. Otherwise, just say “Fuck it I am driving a tank so that I can be one of the bigger cars on the road, I don’t care if it has shittier emissions than your Geo.”

Cessandra: Sounds like you could legitimately use an SUV. Go for it.


Hey look, broys is so greedy he took up TWO spaces with his post!

There are plenty of things that are totally legal that people still deserve belittling for doing. Emmision standards and the consumption of fossil fuels are enviornmenatal issues that concern the society as a whole. Driving a bigger and less fuel efficent car than you need to (and admit it, while some people, Cessandra for example, have a reason for wanting a big car, lots of them are bought mostly for the status) is selfish and worth belittling.

Since Zap DOES know why he objects to SUV drivers, no, I don’t get where you’re coming from.

argh, first double post. :smack:


Oh, God. The monthly SUV rant.

Listen, can we just skip the usual “Your dick is small” vs. “It’s a free country, and so is my dick/SUV” debate, and focus on the actual topic at hand: large cars (some of them possibly SUV’s) parking in spaces designated “compact car only”. OK?

What percentage of a parking lot is designated for compact cars only ? Are these spots scattered around the parking lot, or close to the entrance/exit ?

Thanks, I’ve never heard of these spots before. :slight_smile:

Then obviously that guy didn’t know what he was doing… I’ve yet to find a “compact” parking spot in which I couldn’t fit a Ford Expedition.

“Compact” my ass. More like “pander to the tree-huggers” (yeah, I know, an inaccurate assessment, but after the OP, I see no need to be accurate).

Most of the times that I’ve seen spaces designated for compact cars only, they were in cramped areas or located so that a larger vehicle would block traffic flow. I’ve never noticed set-asides for compact cars similar to handicapped parking.

Fact is, idiots manage to get licenses and vehicles, and idiots do idiotic things with their vehicles. You can get upset by it, or you can get on with your life. Some things ain’t worth the grief.

fatherjohn? Is that you?


The city of Montreal and most of the St-Lawrence River Valley just spent all of last week suffering under a cloud of smog of unprecedented duration for this region. Citizens were warned to restrict physical activity and time outdoors for the entire week. People with asthma and other breathing difficulties were considered especially at risk. It’s not just you who pays for that extra gasoline, sweetie.

I spent Friday and Saturday on campus. This being my first real experience with the sport of full-contact parking, I headed my little bitty car (Suzuki Swift) for the compact car parking. I managed to find a spot in that lot, but by the time I was done with what I needed to do, I was surrounded on both sides by SUVs, and I had a hard time getting into my car and backing it out of the spot. These are smaller spaces, and you might think you can conveniently fit an SUV in there, but the reality is that you can’t - the space may appear to be the same size, but the lanes in the lot are smaller. You may get in, but have a heck of a lot of trouble getting back out.

I could care less whether people drive SUVs. I choose to drive a small car, they choose big cars. But why do they head for the damn compact car lot? It seems that both they and I end up with dings on the side of our cars and have to struggle with a lack of space when entering/leaving the lots.

Drive one if you want - it’s no stress on me (although I’d also appreciate if those who happen to tailgate and drive an SUV would back off, especially at night. You’re blinding me). But park in appropriate places. Your car is bigger than some (I was going to say most, but that doesn’t work, because there are a lot of SUVs out there), so head for the parking places that it fits into, rather than the ones for small cars. That’s done for a reason, not so that small car owners can simply park closer.

I could respond to the OP point by point, but it’s easier just to link this thread I posted last May. (If anyone replies to it, please note that it is in MPSIMS, so watch the language. BTW: I never did get a reply from EarthOnEmpty.)

As it happens, I’ve been using my Cherokee to move stuff into my storage unit. I’ve moved a dozen heavy boxes, four footlockers, two sea chests, four DVD shelves and a crate (four seperate trips, as the Jeep isn’t that big). In my last load yesterday I carried a piece of exercise equipment, a book shelf, two CD shelves, a Century stand (for filmmaking), seven light stands, a set of movie lights, a couple of boxes, and a life-sized movie-prop rotting corpse. I’m not sure, but I think I may have been hard pressed to fit all of that into a Civic.

As to the parking issue, I park in “compact” spaces all the time. Almost always the Hondas or Toyotas next to me stick out farther than my Jeep – and my Jeep is about the same width as the “recognized” compact cars. So if I can park a Cherokee in less space than a “compact” car, why not? (Of course the Cherokee is called a “compact SUV”.)

Ah, geez. I forgot to reply directly to (or directly support) the quote. Sure, many people don’t use SUVs for their intended purpose – but if you see someone in an SUV on the freeway, how do you know that person is one of them? As broys implies, not everyone uses his or her vehicle’s maximum capacity all of the time. That “soccer mom” you see on the freeway may use her SUV to tow her sailboat to the marina, to transport her kids and the neighbour kids to soccer practice, to haul loads of furniture for her business, or anything else. You can never know for sure what the SUV is being used for when you don’t see it.

Geewiz, I didn’t expect the spanish inquisition.
Anyway, I did not mean to paint all SUV owners with a broad brush, which is unfortunately what I did. D’oh. I am definitely not a tree hugger type, I realize that many people have legitimate needs to own an SUV. I am single and generally hang out with other single folks, and of those who own SUVs, none of them use them for what they were designed for-off road use. Also, they rarely have more than one passenger and have said they like sitting “above” traffic and feel safe and powerful (their words). Because of this I think that SUVers feel they can get away with being inconsiderate, they may not even be aware of it. I do realize also that people I see on the road may be on the way to pick up a bunch of kids, or whatever. I should have only mentioned what I know first hand rather than make a broad generalization.

I felt that my complaint about parking in spaces marked for small cars was legitimate and had not been talked about AFAIK, however I should have left it at that. I wish I had left out the stupid penis crack, but it is the pit after all. So please forget the stupid stuff I said and focus on my main point, that is if you have a large SUV please do not park in designated compact or small car parking. I had to squeeze in between two large SUVs and could barely open my door. Fortunately I am thin and was able to get out, but if it was any tighter, I could not have. If one of the SUVs was parked crooked or closer to one side, noone would have been able to fit.

Overall what people drive is there business (honestly I mean it) I just wish they would be as considerate as I try to be when I drive.

Also, Coldfire if you feel this post is redundant and has been been talked to death please lock it.

And by they I mean the inconsiderate ones not all SUV drivers.