If you're a beautiful woman and very smart, I have a User Name for you.


See how it’s used in the first line of text about Verdi at


But I already have a user name. :frowning:

Then again…I have consistently posted under the same name for seven years…

Does Zoggie connote your mensa-league intelligence and drop dead beauty? No. Time to change.

And Zoggie only has one “Z” whereas Sprezzatura has two. Nothing better than two z’s. Hmmm. It’s tempting.

I always thought that if I changed, though, I would change it to Simisola.

This might make it more tempting: I went to two online Italian-English dictionaries. No sprezzatura in either.

Simisola? Sounds like an Italian cheese, but it’s a little better than what you have now. :smiley:

BTW you can change your name here. Just ask a Mod.

One of my favorite words.

Too late, Zoggie. I awarded another woman sole rights to sprezzatura.

You had your chance, but you muffed it. :smiley:

Probably for the best. I take change slowly. I’m sure it’ll be a long time before I end up changing my username.