If you're a liar, go fuck yourself.

I am so ready to scream. Never have I wanted to shake the shit out of someone like I do now.

I hate lying - and I hate shadiness. WHY WHY WHY do people fucking lie?

Lord knows I love my girlfriend. I truly do. But she has this completely stupid fucking habit of lying to cover her ass about the stupidest fucking things! And I’m not sure if they even MAKE humans more defensive than she is.

I think if you’re going to lie to someone, you might as well just admit that they are superior to you in some way. If not, why not just say things and to hell with them?

If you’re going to lie, you better do it so fucking well that I never find out.

So to all the dishonest, shady people out there - GO FUCK YOURSELF.


I won’t cum in your mouth… honest!

Couldn’t agree with you more regarding liars. They suck.

But I gotta ask, what do you say to the person who sticks around with a liar?

Liars do not suck, CnoteChris. Fucking liar. :slight_smile:

“Lying” is such a harsh word, how about “creative representation of the truth”?

I love you, too.

Yes, honey, I love watching sports with you.

Tiburon, I know exactly where you’re coming from (being a person who detests lies).

I used to lie all the time, then one day I found myself lying to my partner over something so pathetically petty that it wasn’t worth lying over, and I decided that that was it. The circumstances which turned me into a liar when a teenager weren’t affecting me anymore, so I had to relearn how to be honest. Now I’m too anal about lying, but that’s me :shrug: Maybe she just hasn’t reached that point yet ? Maybe you should speak with her about how much her lies hurt you ?

All the best

By the way. that dress? IS WAY HOT.

Romanov history? Tell me more baby!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Packers are a great team.

I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.

Why, I would LOVE to hear more about your Beanie Baby collection!

Of course you’re the best I’ve ever had, honey!


Poor Tiburon, thinks he’s going to come in here and receive a ton of good advice about relationships and all he’s going to find is the cousin of all hijacks

jarbabyj is an unbiased source of football information.


Hamlet is a swell guy


It’s a loaner. The Mercedes is in the shop.

I’m frightened of the Bear’s QB ranks. :smiley:

Tibs has girly bits IIRC.