I lied!

Hey it is me again I know you hate me because I lied and a lot. I hope you are over it by now.
I am a woman and I am not a lesbian like you thought.
I was bored and getting my kicks.
I really am not into women like you thought.
I am straight.
Isn’t it amazing what a woman will do when they are bored?
I thought I better get this straight before I do much more posting.
So people am I safe can I post here and be welcome now.
Is all forgiven?:o 0887

Sure, you can post here.

Who the fuck are you?


Please don’t act as if all women do this? We don’t. But thanks for letting us know you’re a lying bitch!

What the hell kind of Twilight Zone thread is this?

Hey guys thanks you make me feel so welcome!!!
Venoma yes I can be a bitch but it is truth from now on!!
I was just having an adrenalin rush.
Venoma you should check out just how bad I am. Lol 0887

I forgot to add … “and what the hell are you talking about,” but I suppose that’s kind of a given.

Can you post here?

Well, sure-until the mods ban you for trolling you dumbass.

Cut the dose, or double it.

Well thanks again but I am on the up and up now I am not trolling.
I started out about 3 months ago and everything I said was either a lie or close to one but I am fresh and honest now.
I am a woman with a new start and there is no more lies. 0887

Describe a speculum.

Eh…I’d be ever so much more pissed off if I actually gave a fat flea’s flying fuck about it.

So, did anybody watch “The Shield” last night? Talk about a flying fuck…damn near had table sex, ol’ Vic did.

Links the bullshit posted by 0887 last month.

Burning with lust.
Nasty and disgusting
bad taste

I think we might actually be dealing with a chimpanzee that has access to a keyboard. :dubious: Nah…a chimp would be more coherent.

Hey I don’t know about the shield Silky Threat but what did you think of Joe millionaire? 0887:)

Is that an example of truth? You only registered 5 weeks ago.

Hey I told you it was bad taste.
It seems like it has been longer than a month.
Like I said I was bored but it is over now.
Nothing but the truth from these lips. 0887

If you can’t describe a speculum, can you tell us the name of the directory that your dad hides his porn in?

0887, nobody knows who the hell you are or what lies you have told.

I can only stand silent in admiration for 0887’s courage in outing her…ummmm…him…um…whateversself before the massed ranks of disapproving Dopers.

Not since BURNER has so much insight into a poster’s true character been aired before so many who care so little.

I am inspired to make my own confession. I am not, in fact, a 5’11’’ married computer geek living a fairly boring life in Melbourne. No, no! It was all LIES. LIES, I tell you!

I am in fact a hermaphrodite from the planet Flurglemoop on a secret mission to preserve the ancient folk wisdoms of the people of Earth (after all, if you were intent on gathering the ancient folk wisdoms of Earthlings where ELSE would you hang out but the SDMB?) before this whole planet is blown to smithereens to make way for a pan-galactic hyperdrive space road thingumajig dooverlacky.

You all believe me, don’t you? Don’t you? Nothing but truth from these lips…

Nope I can’t do that sorry. 0887