Ignore List question (re: gonzomax)

I’m sorry to see gonzomax on suspension. He absolutely infuriates me on occasion (read: most of the time), but the old man means well. Anyway, my question is regarding the straw that got him on the naughty list - naming someone on his ignore list.

It seems he didn’t actually do that. He named someone who USED to be on his ignore list. Is that also against the rules?

I kinda wondered about this as well.

Is naming people who used to be on the list but no longer are against the rules?
(And does it vary in the Pit?)

The first rule of the ignore list is you don’t talk about the ignore list. :wink:

Actually, I don’t use the thing so I’m not sure about the limits.

I’m not going to comment on his suspension since I’m obviously biased…but my guess is that naming someone on your ignore list is similar to taunting, which is definitely not good form in GD. My guess is that this was only one of many things that got him suspended.


But that’s not the Question here.

What we’re saying is something akin to:

“So **Toejam **was on my ignore list.”
OR to be nicer “So yeah, **ToeJam **was on my ignore list, but not anymore”
Is that okay? The latter seems more likely to be okay, but what about the former?

Sure…but then you don’t have a history of talking about people being on your ignore list or putting people on your ignore list. I don’t think you can look at this question without the historical posting context…which I’m pretty sure the mods did. I doubt that if you framed a statement the way you are doing so there it would even rate a mod warning, let alone a suspension…not unless you had done so repeatedly in the past AND done a bunch of other stuff too.

Still, I’m no mod (nor do I play one on TV) so I’ll just let them answer the question instead of trying to give my opinion on it.


gonzomax is now showing as BANNED, not Suspended.

Is he truly gonzo?

I agree with you XT on that, I wasn’t really trying to raise the hackles on the GM issue, it’s just that I am curious about this policy I suppose in specific applied to a general group and not GM, but I suppose I’ll just have to wait for a Mod to tell me what’s what or if there are any hard and fast rules with that sort of thing.

To be honest it didn’t raise my hackles…either your question or gonzo’s comment about me being on his ignore list. It’s something he’s trotted out repeatedly in the past, so I was a bit surprised by Marley’s comment on it in the thread in question. I think what put it over the top was when he got indignant about it, plus his general behavior in other threads and probably his history to. Speculating, had he kept his mouth shut or just said ‘yeah, I went over the line there, sorry’ he wouldn’t have been suspended…but instead he just wouldn’t let it be.


He’s suspended for a month. From vBulletin’s standpoint, anybody who is not currently able to post is banned. It doesn’t make any distinction based on the length of time; the ban either expires after a pre-set length of time, or it’s set to permanent. (It can also be reversed by one of us.) An administrator has to manually change that text to Suspended instead of Banned. I guess nobody’s had a chance to do that yet.

Anyway: in that post I should have emphasized gonzomax continuing to criticize xtisme (by mentioning the ignore list and his “pettiness”) and disregarding our instructions, rather than focusing on the ignore list alone.

That makes sense. Is mentioning previous membership on someone’s ignore list allowed - so long as it isn’t in a dickish poke-the-bear sort of way? As in, “V.Dentata used to be on my ignore list, but I’ve really come to appreciate the grip she has on a number of sensitive issues, and have since taken her off”?

I think that would be fine, yes. I would not warn someone for saying something like that.

Marley23 used to be on my ignore list, but I’ve really come to appreciate the grip she has on my balls, and have since taken her off.

He. And yes, the mod gloves are quite steely.


Sorry about the gender faux pas, I can’t keep up with who’s who here.

Just out of curiosity, why is it against the rules to mention the ignore list outside of the Pit. And why is it okay in the Pit?

Because it’s usually an insult, like “I’m putting you on my ignore list, idiot” or “this kind of crap is why I have on my ignore list.” For a while it wasn’t allowed in the Pit either, but we decided that didn’t make sense.