I'll write the excuse for your boss...

…because you won’t get much work done now:smiley:
BTW, Mr Windmill and your taunting blades…bite my hairy white ass!


Good lord. I don’t even LIKE golf, and I’m hooked.

Thank you, beagledave, for creating a monster. I am going to send the link to everyone in my department.

Damn that 18th hole!

What in God’s name did I do to deserve that?

Holy crap, that’s fun! And I don’t like golf either. I got 43 on my first try. Hole 17 screwed me up—2 over par. But I got a hole-in-one on the 9th and the 18th. (W.A.Duck—:p)

[ahem] 7 on hole 18…

I got a 41! 7 under! How come I can’t do this well in real putt-putt? :slight_smile:

I saw somone get a 19 on it once. He memorized the exact mouse position for a hole in one on each hole, but made one mistake.

Start writing that excuse, damn you!!! :smiley:

My best was 40… so far…

That windmill’s prescient I tell ya!

[sub] I got a 40 too.[/sub]

You, beagledave, sir, are the devil’s spawn.

Got me a 38!

Damn you, beagledave. Damn you to hell.

Better start cranking out those excuses. I scored a 75 (10 were on the last hole!) I cannot accept this. Must…play…again…

I just got an 18!

Course, I figured out how to cheat…

You is all my bitches. :smiley:


If it weren’t for that frickin’ windmill and the 18th hole… oh well.

I was doing just fine until the 15 strokes on holes 17 & 18, then I finished with a 53. :frowning:

I got a hole-in-one on my first try on Hole 1.

I got lucky, of course, but it’s a good start.

This is cool.

I got a 52. :frowning: And that’s including 4 holes-in-one.

5 on the 17th hole and 9 on the 18th.

I really don’t understand that 18th hole. It’s supposed to be on a hill? The graphics are unhelpful and the physics doesn’t seem to make sense. Oh well, I guess I’ll go play it several more times.