I'm a bad kid...pitting myself


I feel very bad - I knew it was coming up, but just have been so busy that I wasn’t paying attention to the date, and so didn’t realize it was coming up so soon (as in, today).
Arg…I’m going to have to go out and get her something really nice to make up for it. Any ideas?

How much money ya got?

A nice dinner, or a date to go eat at her favorite restaurant is not a bad idea to start with. What are her interests? Give a few general things she really enjoys to help us out. Examples would be “big band music” or “comedy movies”. Are you wanting to wait to give her a “big gift” or do you want something you can run get now? Or maybe do something now, and more later?

Well, nights out anytime soon are bad, b/c we live in different cities and states (only about an hour and a half drive, but I don’t have a car).
And I don’t have much money, anyway.

I just want something that will be special - she’s not one for huge gifts anyway, and she’s very hard to buy for. I won’t actually be seeing her until this weekend, but that won’t be for very long.

Ok, so what are her interests? What does she like? I’ll link up a couple of websites that you might be able to find some inexpensive gifts at, and I think one even has fast delivery. The Pyramid Collection there are all kinds of things in this catalog. They have some nice inexpensive silver and gemstone rings, some pretty figurines, even a few puzzles. This is a nice catalog.

Gaelsong is another very nice online store with a Celtic theme. They have beautiful hair ornaments, nice plaques, and some very nicetrinket boxes.

I have done that!! Made me feel all guilty and bad-seedish. Luckily my mom is the bestest ever in the world and didn’t give me too hard of a time.

I can’t speak for your mom, but my mom (also notoriously difficult to buy for) just loves time with me. I’d suggest some kind of gift certificate to an outing you can attend together. Something like a night at a theatre and dinner together or maybe if you’re into sports, you could get tickets to a game. Just a thought. Or maybe she’d groove on a shopping day together. But something involving the two of you spending time together. That’s my call. Good luck and hope your mom enjoys whatever you wind up with.

She’s hard to buy for b/c she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, and has more figurines than she has space to put them.

I might get her something house-warmy, b/c she and my father just bought a new house, and are still getting settled. Also, the three of us are all going to NYC next (Labor Day) weekend, so I’m going to keep my eye out, sometimes she likes things but won’t buy them for herself, if she thinks it’s frivilous.

Arg, I’m mad at myself (she’s not, really though, I’ve apologized, I just feel like I need to do extra now)

One of the “figurine” links I put up is a beautiful sculptured bud vase, there are some really nice plaques (and tapestries, but those are pricey) on the Gaelsong site, and the “trinket boxes” link has gemstone boxes, with real stones. I kept under $50 for most of the stuff I put up, several things are under $30. Pyramid collection has some nice household decor items too, both places have garden decorations as well. Browse both catalogs, hopefully you’ll find something a bit “frivilous” but that is also a “housewarming” type gift. Good luck, she’ll like just seeing you I think. Moms are like that. :wink:

Here is something I’m hoping to get for my birthday. I love these! They are in the Pyramid catalog, and are cheap too. They are very pretty home decor, and wouldn’t necessarily take up table space if suspeneded safely and cleverly.

Thanks a lot! While I will probably go shopping on foot rather than internet, these are some good ideas for her. I’m also moving next week, and I don’t want to risk packages going to the old place after I move. Looks like I’m going to have to take a break from packing and go shopping!

They should let you pay, and have the item shipped to your mother. Or you could have it shipped to a friend that you can trust’s house, that is within easy reach. :slight_smile:

One of my mother’s favorite gifts was a coupon book I gave her. It had things like “Your daughter, Cookie, will accompany you to blockbuster, encourage you to pick out two horror movies that no one has ever heard of*, pay for your rentals and then happily screen both with you and some popcorn”

*she’s famous for watching high-brow films such as ‘Son of Green Blobula’ or somesuch while we all go running out of the room

Anyway, I just tried to think up things that she really likes and put a twist on it.