I'm a bit tired of twickster

Self-contradictary, and the latter statement is designed to discourage people who are not fans of Houston’s talent or her style from posting.

Speaking as a poster, I saw the second part of that talking about those who come into threads like that and make posts along the lines of “Who cares if they died/Why does anyone care?”, which you seemed to leave out of the entire quote:

Bolding mine.

In which case, yeah, a note seemed fine.

I did edit the “who cares” part out of the thread. That was the latter part of each sentence. I have no disagreement with that part.

It’s the first part of each sentence that strikes me as wrong. People are absolutely allowed to state that Whitney Houston was not all that, and for a moderator to state that a) they’re allowed to post such an opinion, and b) they’d better consider whether they should post that opinion . . .

You have no disagreement with the contention that posting who cares is threadshitting but think it’s weird that the same moderator is encouraging people who might be tempted to post such things to forbear? I’m confused about what you’re confused about.

I’m confused as to why my point is so unclear.

Twickster stated clearly in her first sentence that there is no obligation to say nice things about recently deceased celebrities. She stated clearly in her second sentence that those who are not fans should “consider whether they need to post or not”.

I see both of those former clauses as independent of the post-comma “who cares” thread-shitting comments, which I agree with. I see the former as a threat to those who are not willing to participate in a hagiography of Houston, but have something to say about her talent and style.

And, I’ll note, it is OK to blame her death on a living celebrity.

I think you’re reading too much into her comment. She’s trying to keep a memorial thread on track and not let it get sidetracked into value statements about someone who just died.

I’m sorry you find my efforts to help people avoid breaking the rules tiresome, Frank.

People were reporting some of the posts in that thread, so I wanted to remind people that there is no obligation to refrain from making critical posts – but also make it clear that this doesn’t give people the right to say any damn thing they want, because there are also rules against threadshitting. I was attempting to communicate that people should think about what they wanted to say in order to stay within the rules – critical okay, threadshitting not – if they wanted to say negative things about Ms. Whitney’s artistic output, lifestyle choices, etc.

Hope this helps.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

Value statements regarding her artistry or lack thereof are absolutely appropriate.

It does. Honestly, I think your phrasing was poor in the thread. The phrasing in this post makes much more sense, and this thread may be closed now as far as I’m concerned.

Seriously? Do you also think it’s appropriate at a eulogy to get up and talk about how the deceased would kick dogs? Even if it’s true, you save it for at the bar after the service. That thread is for her death and the circumstances surrounding it. Not criticisms of her as an artist. Even if they’re allowed on a technical basis, basic etiquette should cause one to refrain.

Frank, the very epitome of threadshitting is to go to a place where people are communally commiserating about something or someone and throw rocks at the subject.

Whatever your opinion of the subject, it’s rude and disrespectful of your fellow community members to act in that fashion.

In this instance, if you want to participate in a discussion of criticism of Ms. Houston’s art, or lifestyle, or anything else, starting a separate thread is the way to go.

And you know this, or should. Posting on the Dope and expressing your opinion does not automatically give you a right to be rude or act like an ass.