Too many RIP threads.

Can we have a rule to stop people posting RIP threads for minor celebrities or their own familiy members? Maybe have only 2 threads RIP(minor celebrity) and RIP(Doper family) and stop people spamming CS and MPSIMS with multiple threads?

Speaking for MPSIMS, no. Plenty of other threads for you to enjoy.

What kind of jerkish post is that? Too many people moaning the loss of people they cared for? In these times? Please find another thing to get outraged about.

ETA: I haven’t noticed such a surge of memorial threads anyway.

What the fuck do you care? Don’t read them.

I took a quick look at MPSIMS and CS, expecting to see a higher than normal number of RIP threads, but there aren’t many in either forum at the moment, definitely nowhere near a level that I would call “spamming”.

While I can understand why some people might not want to view those threads, I am otherwise not really seeing a problem here. The number of RIP threads being posted is definitely not excessive.

If you can convince people to stop dying…

I thought someone with a skull avatar would welcome RIP threads. :confused:

And this would be a bad idea, because it would make it so much harder to ignore the RIP’s you don’t care about while paying attention to the ones you do.

OP better prepare for a lot more threads of this type. Now maybe there could be an argument for a separate forum if the numbers were huge but I don’t think that’s necessary at the moment, but to not allow them at all would be ludicrous.

It’s not like there’s so much activity on this message board that this is a significant nuisance. More legitimate content is better than less. As long as the thread title is complete and accurate, I’m cool with it.

And while some may be minor celebrities, the demographics of this board are definitely older. Someone who was a supporting character on a tv show may have made watching that show tolerable back in the days of three channels and only one TV that was controlled by mom and dad.

The OP has to be kidding. You don’t like people mourning family members? The death of a family member, close friend, or even a beloved pet is an impactful event upon a person’s life. People absolutely should be allowed to mourn in any way they want. If not here, where? If you don’t care to read a thread, it takes absolutely no effort on your part to scroll past it.

Okay, I can see getting annoyed by minority celebrities, but who the hell would have a problem with someone starting a thread about a loved one dying? That’s just sick.

In light of the current pandemic, might “Deathpool” threads be in bad taste?

I’m not even annoyed by threads about “minor” celebrities. I’m not familiar with Ellis Marsalis, for example, except for the family name, but his life was meaningful to somebody.

They’ve always been in bad taste.:wink:

April Fool’s joke?

I just hope we don’t get in the habit of people replying to RIP threads where someone is mourning a loss and leaving a note complaining about “another stupid dead person”. I have hope we don’t get that jaded.

Better threads than memorial tattoos and window stickers.

I’m not as frequent a participant as many others but I see the RIP threads as proof that there is a sense of community on this board that adds to it’s greatness. I may not agree with the views of everyone here but I will share their loss, as they have shared mine in the past.