I'm a blabbermouth.

A friend of mine told me something work-related with the caveat that he’s not sure how far this should be permitted to travel. So then I saw the person the possibly-secret thing was about and I heard myself say, “Well, speak of the Devil!”

Good naturedly, he asked what was up.

At this point, I could still have easily recovered by fibbing. However, I will be the first to admit that I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, so I blurted out the potential secret, and the person I heard it from.

As soon as it was out of my mouth, I started kicking myself.

He clarified that it was a secret to some degree, that it was okay that I knew, but that it shouldn’t be revealed to a certain other group of people. I felt like crap anyway. I hope I haven’t gotten my friend in trouble.

I also hope that I never do anything like this again. Loose lips sink ships, Poddy. Please, tell me what a dope I am so that the humiliation brands the incident in my memory.