I'm a former member returning

About 10 years ago, I was here under the username erictelevision. After some health issues (e-mail if you REALLY wanna know), I’ve finally been in an apartment for the last year (I know I should’ve joined the day I got my compuer!) :wink:

BTW, sorry if there’s a forum this is more appropriate for.

Here is fine – welcome back.

We do have rules about one username per member, though – please contact an administrator (TubaDiva, gfactor, C K Dexter Haven, or fluid druid) and ask them to meld your two accounts.

twickster, darned newbie and MPSIMS moderator

The old account is with a since disabled e-mail account. If I still need to meld the accounts (as I can’t/won’t use old account), I will do so.

Hi, Steve!

Did you bring me a monkey?

Honestly, we all REALLY wanna know. Its pretty much a given here.

I intermittenly urinate through a catheter. (I’m disabled) My brother and I got into a verbal pissing match. I holed in my room (we live w/a roomie), I had to pee, but duidn’t want to face him, so I let my bladder get too full.

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Yes, please do.



No problem - not much has happened here since then.

Well, except for the growth in membership, and the Great Crash of '02, and the new tax policies, and the mandatory cat pictures, and the Martian Invasion, and pay-to-post, and the new user titles, and the new mods, and the new forums… but other than that, it’s just the same!

I think I remember you and I am still here. There are a few of us still around from your era but not too many. Some got banned and a few passed away. Some just went poof. The board is a lot faster now and I think it is as good as ever but I got to see it happen in slow motion so you may be in for a shock.

I checked, and Cosmopolitan is here! (we have the same disability)

Hi, etv! I used to be featherlou. That probably doesn’t mean anything to you, since I have an uncanny ability to fly under people’s radar (useful in classroom and work situations, mind you).

Except you can’t tell somebody to fuck off, fuck themselves, or any other direct insults of that nature in the Pit. Otherwise, yeah, just the same.

We also don’t have naked people running randomly through threads or deaf people giving incoherent and wrong advice to newbies at the fastest posting rate possible given the board speed.

Gather around the campfire kids, I have something I want to tell you. In the old days, back around the turn of the century, we had to be incredibly careful at the threads we clicked on in the SDMB. Threads could take minutes or longer just to load so you had to choose wisely. You had to study those thread titles like the book of Genesis before you made your choice. I would read at the SDMB at work and chose just one extra-special thread that I thought might be good, click on it and then go to lunch hoping it would be there when I got back like magic. Chicago to Boston in less than an hour. Technology was a wondrous and scary new frontier back in that era. There was no 9/11. There was no reality TV. We lived reality and we liked it that way because that was all we knew. If was like Little House on the Prairie but with primitive internet connectivity.

***For those of you who weren’t around then, that wasn’t a joke. The board really was that slow back around 2000. There was also a Titanic level disaster of the board when it failed completely/ It reformed on its own for a few months elsewhere as survivors found their way to safety one by one. We had roll calls and everything but that content is gone now. That is known as the Great Winter of Missed-Content.

I remember your name. I was juliefoolie back then, but then or now no one remembers me. Unlike in real life, I am pretty quiet here.