I'm a horndog...

and I’m driving my wife nuts (no pun intended, and no she doesn’t have nuts).

Long story short, I was unemployed for nearly 8 months and got little or no response to the hundreds of resumes I sent out. I felt like, in a word, shit. Now I’ve not only got a job, but it’s a great one, and I feel like King Shit.

I’m also hornier than hell. Day or night, before work, after work, during work, I don’t care, I want it now. Friday, we did it twice in one day for the first time in ages. And I ummm…beat the bishop in between. Last night I made her dance naked with me on the back porch (visible from the road if the headlights hit right) and then we went right down on the concrete.

I think she’s getting tired of it, but I’m also pretty sure that when the travelling and stress of the job kick in, I’ll gear down a bit. No questions, no complaints; I just felt like saying that I’m constantly horny and I’m getting some often.

It’s amazing how much a job defines our masculinity sometimes. Now that you’re back to feeling like an Alpha-Male, it’s time to howl.

Congrats on the job and sex (not neccesarily in that order).

You ain’t nothin’ but a horndog
Tryin’ to bury your bone
You ain’t nothin’ but a horndog
Tryin’ to bury your bone
Bend over, baby
Daddy’s gonna drive you home




If you think she’s getting tired of it, maybe you should consider her feelings. Nothing like being coerced into doing it when you really don’t want to turns a woman off more.

On the other hand, it’s good you got your mojo (and a job) back.

Moderation is everything!