I'm a NEW Aunt!

Yes, here are a couple of pics. I just had to share the news. This is my first time “really” being an aunt. I could explain the disfunction in my family and explain the “really” part; but, nah. Not here.

Not tonight.

Tonight, I’m celebrating! She loves me already. I can tell!

Congrats! I remember my first time- I’d still jump in front of a bus for that kid. Be prepared- they grow up fast!

She looks lovely. What is her name? May she and Aunt Shryn King have a wonderful relationship together.

Awww, what a cutie!

Aww… she looks like… uh, every baby in every hospital in the entire world. :smiley:

Kidding, but the newborns all kind of do look alike, don’t they?


Speaking of dysfunction, I first found out that I was an uncle at the tender age of 19 - from my 16-year-old sister! She and her husband are ten years older now with three kids and doing great, though, so good for them.

I hope that your sister/brother/SIL/BIL (whichever it is) and their daughter turn out the same!


Neutron Star, Wednesday night when I first saw her I was scared there was something wrong with her hands and feet. It looked like someone had stuck her hands in the dishwater for far too long!! I was so thankful to see that on Thursday she had color in her hands and feet.

Her name is Emily Grace.

Thank you all for “oohing and aaahing” with me.

She’s coming home from the hospital today. I am excited about seeing her in her nursery that my sister worked so hard on.

Damn! I hadn’t even noticed that in the first picture. That hand in her mouth looks like something coming out of a recently-dug grave! I can see how you’d be alarmed. The next-day pic looks completely normal, though. It’s amazing what twenty-four hours can do.

I’m glad she’s healthy.

I guess a lot changes in the first few days of life. Hell, my own baby pictures show a kid with dark brown eyes, but they turned a deep blue and stayed that way shortly thereafter.

Awww, she’s way cute. I’d love to be an aunt. I’m not telling my brother that because he’d freak out, being all of 23 and not being involved with anybody, but I would be thrilled if he had a kid.

Congrats Shryn King! My you and Emily Grace have a long and wonderful auntie / niece relationship.

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