I'm a Thousandaire!!!

Yep! It’s true! I just checked my bank account balance:


Go me! Just three more orders of magnirute until I’m a Millionaire!!

And here I thought it was a post party.

I guess I’ll just sidle off somewhere and take my hats with me.


Well friedo since no one else is going to congratulate you, I will. CONGRATULATIONS! Now would you please send $1 to Happy Dude, 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield USA. Don’t delay, eternal happiness is just a dollar away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, you are RICH! I’m only a hundredaire myself…

Excuse me, could you please refrain from posting to this thread? We don’t encourage rifraff such as yourself to participate in threads started by Thousandaires.

As an official member of the Thousandaire club, you will be sent the following:

  1. A top hat.
  2. A cane.
  3. A monocle (sp).
    (Try to wear all of these, yet not look like Mr. Peanut.)
  4. Your choice of:
    A. Butler named Chesterson
    B. French Maid named Giselle
    C. Monkey Butler named Mr. Chimpy
  5. A dictionary of proper Thousandaire pronunciation.
    (Vase should always be pronounced like claws.
    Always call your mom Mother, preferrably stretching the vowels.)

This starter kit should get you on your way to being a Captain of Industry and a Leader of the Free World. If you already have hillbillys living beside you, you’re ahead of the game.

Welcome to the club.

Cogito ergo zooooooooom!

Thanks to college loans I am a negative-multiple-ten-thousandaire myself. I would give anything to go back to the days of being a hundredaire. :slight_smile:

Wow. So, are you going to spend it all in one place, or just hold onto it for a while?

sigh Everytime I’m a thousandaire, I spend the whole thing.

Adding up all my assets and debts, I come out to around a negative thousandaire. Hey…

“Who Wants to Marry a Negative Thousandaire?”

Any takers? :slight_smile:


Grandpa: Do you feel any happier?

Jasper: Eh, a little.


If you add all three of my bank accounts together, I am a thousandaire as well. If you look at what is realistically mine to do with as I please, however, I’m only a lowly hundredaire. So I will excuse myself from this thread where I clearly do not belong.


Don’t worry, Brunetter, some of us just weren’t meant to be in The Top One Percent like me. It’s OK. Just be happy and content in your futile little life of ineptitude and despair.