Nine hundred ninety nine . . .

One thousand.

Remember the first time you had to write a check with the word “thousand” in it? For me it was my first college tuition check. Wow. I was in awe. And I had to write really small to make it all fit.

“One thousand” is the first integer written in words that contains the letter “a.”

Mr. S and I go a local Amish consignment auction every year, and the auctioneer has a habit of calling out round-number amounts by affixing the word “bill” to them: “Who’s got a thousanddollarbill?” That tickles me. I’ve never seen a thousand-dollar bill up close and personal.

And I know I’m not the only one who gets a little thrill watching the odometer roll to the big 100,000. Lord knows I’ve watched it happen enough times, but it’s always fun.

I’ve always been indifferent to the controversial “post parties,” but I’m also amazed that I’ve made one thousand posts to this message board. It’s an impressive number. I can’t say that I’ve made close personal friends on this board, and I can’t say I feel compelled to do so, or to attend a Dopefest. Nothing personal, mind you, and no reflection on those who have—friends are great wherever you can find them, and I know a lot of Dopers have met IRL, and that surely strengthens any bond. I like to think of the SDMB as a place for interesting, intelligent discourse; a haven for great creativity and humor; and another virtual water cooler for us work-at-home types. I like the fact that it’s well moderated by both mods/admins and members, and that you don’t take any shit from anyone. (Apologies to Billy Joel.) You expect cogent thought and reasonably correct English. I like that. You guys make me laugh and think, and you keep me sane during the day. Thanks.

What can I say about my contribution? A few jokes, a tidbit of knowledge here and there whenever I think I can help someone out, some blunders and boners, get into an argument now and then. Sometimes I’m a drive-by poster—but I try to stay out of GD, and I hope I’ve at least added humor or an interesting anecdote to the thread. I doubt I’ve made much of an impression on the SDMB community at large, but I’ve enjoyed my time here and will continue to do so. God, it’s like crack.

Anyway, I think a “post party” for me would be pretty dull, and I don’t want to incur anyone’s wrath, but I’d also like to mark the occasion. So instead, if you care to, tell me about your experiences with the word “thousand,” or any other impressively large number.

[sub]Oh, and please help yourself to some fresh homemade hummus with veggies and pita bread, and the beverages are in the cooler.[/sub]

This post has been sponsored by the letter M. :smiley:

throws confetti

stares disconsolately at own meager post count


throws more confetti


I remember the first time I wrote a check for £1000. It was to myself :smiley:

stares disconsolately at own meagre post count


1000 posts, a Grand of posts from any angle it’s a large amount. This is the first message board I have even considered posting 100 times to let alone 1000. Other boards I have been on were filled with jerks and this one is filled with smart, funny people. So thanks to the mods and thanks to the posters for making this is the best message board I have ever had the privilege of posting at.

Also congratulations Scarlett67


i just hit 100 this week (took me a year to do it) and was amazed

::running around like an idiot::

WOO-HOO! WOO-HOO! WOO-HOO! Scarlett reached 1000! WOO-HOO!

::hitting head with mallet::

[sub]I think I’ve taken in too much caffeine or something these past few days. I’m going insane… :P[/sub]

Congratulations, Scarlett!

I also enjoy watching my car odometer roll over to a number ending in 000. I’ve never seen 100,000 yet, so I take pleasure in the smaller round numbers when I can. The main reason I’m posting this is that I’m currently a little mad at myself for passing 25,000 on my car on Tuesday and not even noticing for another 9 miles. I hate missing milestones.

(My SDMB odometer, of course, won’t show triple zeroes for a long, long time.)

Good for you.