I'm about to lose two cats at once.

I’m so sorry, avabeth. My thoughts are with you.

I had to euthanize my sixteen-year-old cat, whom I’d had as long as I can remember, last fall. I came home one day and found her collapsed in the litter box, unable to move. She was suffering from kidney failure. I sat with her for about an hour, hoping that she would slip away peacefully, but finallyI knew I had to end her suffering. It wasn’t easy at all, but letting her suffer was even harder on both of us.

Whatever you do, you have my sympathy and support.

I’m so sorry, avabeth. My thoughts are with you.

I had to euthanize my sixteen-year-old cat, whom I’d had as long as I can remember, last fall. I came home one day and found her collapsed in the litter box, unable to move. She was suffering from kidney failure. I sat with her for about an hour, hoping that she would slip away peacefully, but finallyI knew I had to end her suffering. It wasn’t easy at all, but letting her suffer was even harder on both of us.

Whatever you do, you have my sympathy and support.

Ava—I have a copy of “Lend Me A Kitten” taped on my fridge next to the ONLY picture of Precious I ever took which was right before we put her down by about 2 weeks. I’d had some film left on a roll from a vacation and took some piccies of the house and cats to finish it off. I am so glad I did now, because it’s the ONLY picture I have of her.


It’s not easy but we get by.
I’ll be praying to Bastet for you tonight in my prayers. She is the Goddess of all things Feline in nature and it is her special duty to watch over the cats of this earth, who are her eyes and ears on Earth. I’m sure she’ll want to make this as easy a passing for Izzy as possible.

Remember, Ava, that whenever you are sad or lonely, Izzy will be there with you in spirit. Never forget that. And at the end of the road, when your own time comes, wherever you happen to end up (be that Heaven, Nirvana, or whatever your own beliefs), Izzy will be there waiting for you.


I feel for you, Ava. Feel free to send an email if you’d like to unload.

Like you, I know that there’s nothing like a fuzzerhead for love and companionship.

:kitty kisses smiley:

Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. This is always such a difficult, heartbreaking situation, especially when you’ve got two of them going downhill at the same time.

In my experience, people almost never give up and euthanize too soon. If you think it’s probably time to let Izzy and maybe Hurricane go, you’re almost certainly right.

You’ve given them so much over the years; a home, food, comfy spots to nap in, petting and cuddling and rump scratches, love and security and attention. This is the last gift you can give them, releasing them from their pain and protecting them from the embarrassment cats often feel as their health deteriorates.

The girls and I will be sending our furriest thoughts with you three tomorrow.

Monday’s passing is still ripping me apart and I’m still kicking myself of things I should have seen and done to save her. Don’t let ME be an example of how you should handle things. Izzy is a totally different situation. She had that long life and it was a great life. She was loved her entire life. That’s really all an animal asks for and you have given it to her.

The past two years have been tough but you have a shining light at the end of the tunnel - you found love and that’s a rarity. Be grateful for that! I’m still trying to struggle my way out of this crap of a life since I was 12 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, CCL. I really needed to hear that this morning - I know it’s the right decision, but there’s still that little voice of doubt in the back of my head that’s fighting me a little. I know these cats better than anyone, though, so I know I’m making the right decision.

I called the vet’s office. If I could leave work today, I would have tried to work them in this afternoon, but I just can’t leave work. The first thing the vet had open was on Thursday, but they’re working me in tomorrow morning at 8 AM. I’m going to drop them off, they’re going to look at them, and call me with any news. The vet tech I spoke with didn’t want me to wait until Thursday to bring them in.

Now I just have to get through the next 24 hours.



I know what you’re going through. And I believe you’re doing the right thing.

We’ve been through this several times. And one of those times we waited too long and it was very hard on the cat at the end. Tried to squeeze a couple more days of life out of him, the vets thought we had a shot at it, but it turned out that we didn’t. You just don’t know, even though you’re trying to act based on love, that’s the hard thing.

Wishing you strength and peace when you need those things the most.

avabeth, most pet lovers have been through this at least once. So there’s lots of sympathy when you need it. And you probably will.

Two at the same time, that’s particularly hard. I lost all three of my cats at the same time through a very preventable accident. God, how I wish I could do that day over again! At least know in your heart that you are doing your best for them, and that they did live very long, loved and pampered lives. Alot of kitties don’t, like someone already mentioned.


Well, the news is half-good, half wait-and-see.

Isabelle has been given a cortisone shot for her skin condition and her arthritis. I expressed my concern over her pain to the vet and how I don’t want to put her through anything major, no surgery because the last surgery she had, several months ago, was extremely difficult on her. So the cortisone shot is supposed to take care of the pain and the vet wants to see her in several weeks so that we can decide where to go from there. She can’t have another cortisone shot, according to the vet, so this is more than likely just buying time for her. As long as I have more time with my girl, and as long as she’s not hurting, I’m okay with that.

Hurricane’s got glaucoma. His eye isn’t infected right now, but I’ve got drops to give him to prevent that. We’re more concerned with his weight loss and waiting on bloodwork results to come back to the vet - they should be there this afternoon around 5. She didn’t sound overly optimistic about him - if it’s not a liver, kindey, or thyroid issue, she’s going to do x-rays of his abdomen and get some other tests done. But something is causing him to lose weight and we need to get to the bottom of it. But like Izzy, I’ll do whatever I can for him as long as he’s not hurting.

The best news is that they both get to go home tonight. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have them home with me, but even one more night is a victory as far as I’m concerned. I can’t say it too many times - thank you so much for all of the support and concern. It has truly meant a lot to me.


You are quite welcome, ava.
I’m glad the vet was able to give you a little more time with Izzy and Hurricane.


Oh, Ava, how wonderful!

Oh Avabeth…I’m SO glad you have some more time with your precious kitties…I’ve been tearing up reading this thread…It’s gotten me thinking that I have 3 cats that are 13 years old. They all seem so spry, but I know that someday I will have to face this. Ack, it’s just so difficult.

Anyway, you’re a good mamma. Now go hug those babies! (And keep us posted.)

That cortisone is pretty good stuff. Our old Panther had to have shots for her skin condition and It always made an amazing difference in a very short time.

We’ve had cat’s come and go. Every one of them, from Max the injured kitten who we had to have put to sleep only days after we got him, to thirteen year old Tom, left a mark and had a place in our hearts.

Right now we have three, Boots and her daughters Grace and Dainty. They send kitty-hugs and purrs to all your kitties and to you.

I hope the news is good for Hurricane and Izzy gets to spend the next few weeks being spoiled rotten.

Love, zoogirl

Good news! Keep us posted.

Avabeth, have you heard anything yet?

I just wanted to let you know that if it is diabetes, it’s not a death sentence. (Also watch for signs of diabetes with the steroid injection, it can cause it in cats.)

I’ve had two feline diabetics, and diabetes can be transient in cats…my Zenny Moonbeam hasn’t needed insulin since November.

www.felinediabetes.com has a GREAT message board, and lots of info.

Good luck, and kisses to your babies…

My grandma, in her early nineties, had her 17-year-old cat euthanized and was devastated. A grandchild suggested getting her a kitten. Baba said, “I don’t think I could go through the whole life cycle again. Do you realize how many cats I’ve had that have lived to old age and had to be put down?”

She was at a point where any kitty would undoubtedly outlive her but never thought about that possibility.

This is simply something we do as animal lovers. I commiserate with you - I have a terminally ill cat who was given two months to live about fifteen months ago. He’s on heart medication that can be fatal to his kidneys - so far his kidney tests are normal. He’s fat and sassy and a devious snuggler.

Be glad that you were able to give him a life free of fear and disease, hunger and instability.

May your next kitty be blessed with the care you’ve given this one.

I’m sorry, I didn’t get a chance to check the thread before this morning - thanks so much for the responses, and I know Izzy and Hurricane thank you, too:). My biggest concern right now is just keeping them out of pain - and I know that if I can’t do that, I have to make the decision that they can’t make themselves.

zoogirl, Izzy can’t have another cortisone shot - the vet said this is the only one we can give her. Can I ask how long it took to work on your kitty? Because in terms of pain, it doesn’t seem to be doing her much good. She still seems miserable - I held her for a little while last night and I could just feel her muscles tensing up.

Adelita, I’ve had a few people suggest diabetes to me for Hurricane - we haven’t gotten the blood tests back yet, but it’s a good possibility. I was supposed to hear from the vet last night about the blood tests, but she never called, so I assume they came in very late or they’re coming in this morning. My only thing about the diabetes is that I don’t think he could survive the insulin - he’s so frail as it is and he’s been through so much. If there is any chance that he can take it, I’ll do it.

straykat, that’s wonderful about your kitty! He sounds like a fighter:).

CCL, thanks for the kind words yesterday - they were very helpful.

Lorinada and Shana, thanks:). No matter what happens with these two, they’ll know that they were loved.

IDBB, I really appreciate all that you’ve given me in this thread - the poems are saved on my home computer and I know they’re going to help very much. By the way, I’ve been following your thread in the Pit about your two and was curious as to how they’re doing?

As far as getting another kitty, I won’t be able to for a while, if not years. Right now, I live with my parents to pay off some bills, but I’ll be moving into an apartment in the fall with my boyfriend when he gets here, and taking Oscar and Emmy with me - they’ve always been my cats in Brooklyn and have only been at my parents’ house for the past few months - so where I go, they go. And Oscar gets very, very upset if he sees me with a kitten - the jealousy in this cat astounds me. He’s okay with older cats, but in an apartment, there’s no way we can really have more than two cats. When we buy a house, however, we’ll probably look into adopting an older cat - I have a friend who adopted an older cat from the shelter and she turned out to be the sweetest cat in the world.


ava–well better and worse. CG took Buttercup in for a recheck on her foot wound on Tues and the vet wasn’t satisfied it was healing properly so here we go with another type of antibiotic, a footwash AND some non-dusty catlitter (we went with the litter pearls, which she would rather play with on the tile floors than go pee in). I am trying my hardest to be patient with the both of them but every time we put them together in their cat carriers facing one another, Buttercup gets hissy for a while, then settles down, then gets hissy again and Rumple just tries to CHEW her way out. It’s frustrating for sure. I am trying very, very hard to be as patient as I can with both my girls but I just want things to be as they were, with them getting along.

I’ll keep you in my prayers, ava, you Izzy and Hurricane. Bastet and Goddess bless.