I'm afraid of change... help me!

I’ve been presented with a small work-related dilemma. I’ve been at my current job for almost 4 years and I love it. Great hours, (8-4) great pay, great benefits and a wonderful boss. The only thing I don’t like about my job is that I have a 30 minute drive each morning to work and a 30 minute drive home at night.

I have an opportunity to apply for a job that’s closer to home, (about a 2 minute drive from my house) basically the same hours, (8-5) maybe a little less money, and it’s with my husband’s company. I wouldn’t have to dress up each day for work, I’d only have 2-3 others in the office with me and pretty much the same job duties I have now. Their health insurance is a little more expensive than what I have now but basically the same coverages. The only thing I don’t think they cover that mine does that we plan to use later this year is invitro-fertilization. That’s what’s kind of holding me back. Invitro is expensive and my current insurance would pay 100% after we pay our deductible and 20% of the first $2500. Without the insurance paying for most of it I don’t think we’d be able to afford to have it done and we really want to have another baby.

So why am I freaked at the thought of leaving my job? I just found out today that the woman was leaving the job and I haven’t even applied for it yet. I make pretty good money at my job now and I’m sure that company wouldn’t be able to pay me what I’m making now so I’d have to take $3-4/hour pay cut and their insurance is about $140/month more than mine. But… I wouldn’t be spending so much money in gas driving 250 miles back and forth to work each week, I could go home for lunch every day, and I wouldn’t have to buy work clothes since I wouldn’t have to dress up.

Anyway… I just don’t adjust well to change… or even the thought of change. It takes me awhile to get used to things being different. Am I just getting freaked out over nothing? Should I go for it and try to get that job even if it means our invitro won’t be covered?

Anyone have any advice or words of wisdom (comfort) for me?!? Anyone wanna tell me I’m being stupid and shut the hell up?!?

[sub]Go ahead, tell me I’m being stupid and tell me to shut up… I dare ya[/sub] :slight_smile:

If it was any place but where your husband worked, I’d say try for it anyway and then decide if you wanted it or not. But, since your husband works there, too, it may put him in a bind. “Why didn’t KiKi want to work here?” and all that.

But another thing to consider is that with your pay cut and the health insurance going up so much, you might be changing your adjusted salary down a bit (unless you make $100/hour and $3-4 won’t really make a difference).

Make a list of the pros and cons on paper, have your husband do the same and then decide if you want to apply. And don’t forget, just because they offer it doesn’t mean you have to say yes, even if it would make it a bit difficult on your husband.

Good luck in whatever you decide!

Aversion to change is a basic human reaction, Kiki . Don’t think you’re weird for feeling that.
That having been said, husband and wife working at the same place can have some real problems, particularly if it’s a small company.
Suppose “the boss” gets unhappy with one or the other? What does this do to the other one’s work environment? If the company closes or moves, both are suddenly unemployed. Make your own list, it can be a long one.
Thirty minutes really isn’t a long drive for most Americans these days. Your free time will be the same, since you indicate the new job will last an hour later each day.
Those are just a few thoughts. Of course, you and your husband are the only ones close enough to the situation to make a final decision about this.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

I too used to fear change. However, I developed a system that gradually allowed me to become comfortable with it.

I started out with pennies. First I just looked at photos of them until I couldn’t take it any more. Gradually that time became longer and longer. Then I had a penny in a glass jar. Eventually the penny was out of the jar and I was actually holding it. I then moved onto nickels and dimes.

The technique succeeded, and now I can handle even 50-cent pieces and dollar coins without fear. Right now, in fact, I have 37 cents in my pocket, and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Gradual exposure, that’s the key.

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