I'm an uncle! (again)

Natalie Anne
Born May 6, 2002 5:30 pm – 6# 13 oz. – 20.5 " long
All is well with mother and child.



Congrats! Now get in there and spoil her rotten. It’s your Uncley duty. :smiley:

Oh, yeah! Spoil her little heart, and then give her back to sis! :smiley:

(of course, she’ll return the favor, in spades!)

I love giving all my nieces and nephews really loud toys.

Congratulations! I hope she’s close enough that you can spend some quality time with her.

About 30 miles.

Close enough.

Congrats, Uncle Tranquilis! Have fun spoiling her rotten!

Congratulations to you and the family, Uncle Tranquilis! Yes, now you can spoil her; if your sister complains, you can always tell her that we told you to! :smiley:

Just kidding, tell her it’s your sworn duty as an uncle toward his neice!

Congratulations, darlin’!

May she be blessed with sunshine and happiness all of the days of her life…

Much Love,