I'm back! So . . . what did I miss?

Howdy! I’m back!!

So what did I miss?

Miles made it out to me, and I had a few good pictures–which were unfortunately lost to the ages when someone grabbed my camera off my desk, erased the pictures, and used it for “legitimate work”. :smack: [sub]Damned communists. . .[/sub]

I had this awesome picture of me ‘n’ Miles, in front of a plywood tent door which read–and I’m not making this up–“ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO US!” Apparently, the appropriate Aussie C-130 unit has ties to Unca Cecil. Unfortunately, however, the block of tents was summarily bulldozed shortly thereafter, as most of us transitioned from tents to a billet trailer. So, sorry BearNenno, I’m outta luck.

But at least I’ve got beer in the fridge! Woo! :smiley:

Due to my jet lag, I’ll be around for questions for the next 30 minu. . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hey dude! Good to see you back.

Thanks! It’s good to be back. I crashed hard yesterday afternoon. Fell asleep about 3:PM local, and woke up at 11:PM. I had to force myself to sleep to get to 5:AM this morning.

Side question: Where is Miles? How far is he along? I’m sure I sent him to Iowa for the next leg of his trip.

That monkey had a good time in downtown Doha. Riyal were flying everywhere!

Welcome back!

I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

Miles did make it to Iowa- we had a good time with him and then sent him off to New York.

:::: sends a virtual beer your way ::::

Narrow the window a teensie. How long have you been gone, and who the hell is Miles?

BTW, welcome back. I remember you, I just don’t remember when you stopped posting.

I left March 2nd for lands distant and faraway [sub]go ahead, go “ooooooooo”[/sub], adn just got back yesterday. So about five months?

Miles is the monkey that was being sent around the globe. I guess he started here on the SDMB, but a few people throughtfully e-mailed me and let me into the ‘party’.

So, I think the big thing is that y’all went paid subscription on me. Thanks TubaDiva for hooking me up!!

Believe me, there was plenty of monkey business in Doha, Qatar when Miles passed through.

Glad to see you made it back safely!! So, are you going to take a long furlow? Or are you going to save all that leave for a rainy day?

Miles is either in Tallahassee or still in transit from New York City.

Glad to see you back! You should post some tales of your adventures in the distant and faraway lands.

Glad you’re back!

Nothin’ much happened here in Doorsville. Airman is going back to school in the spring, barring any sort of, um, unplanned, ah, “vacations” to the region from which you recently returned. If you catch my drift.


You sound more cheerfull than I recall. Maybe it’s the sleep depravation.

Maybe it’s the beer. :smiley:

Actually, I think you’re right on both counts. I just woke up, attempting to recycle myself to “your” time. The small application of beer and the forced attempts at insomnia did help.

And yes, beer does have medicinal purposes. Especially at 2:AM. :smiley:

After this deployment, cleaning myself up a bit, I see myself hopping on the wagon on the weeknights.

Welcome back!

YAY! Tripler’s back! WOOHOO!!! I’m poppin’ a top and toastin’ ya right now bud! Welcome Home!

I missed those little postscript thingies at the end of Tripler’s posts

What did you miss. . .

Well, someone farted and we don’t know who. . .

Alrighty, now I’m really back. . .

I just got back from a week and a half in NoDak of my two week furlough, and now I really really want to know what I missed since I’ve been gone. Anything, anything at all. . .

. . . besides the whole “pay to play” thing. My thanks to quite a few Dopers, including a mod or two for taking care of me whilst away. :smiley:

The humorous postscript thinigies will now continue–stay tuned.

Well, while you were gone, everyone agreed that I was the greatest poster that has ever graced this board…and I found a nickel.

[Welcome back Kotter Theme Song] Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back…[Welcome back Kotter Theme Song]

Cool. Good to hear from ya Trip!

absoul, I do recall that I owe you a round or four. And don’t think for a minute that I will forget it! :smiley:

And that goes for all Dopers. I’m secretly plotting the one “I-wanna/gotta-be-at DopeFest” ever.

Hell, I thought the chique and lno affair of 2002 was a ‘beat-all’!