Tripler is coming home (kinda)

Received an email, he is being kicked out of Kuwait [sub] something to do with a bottle of vodka and a camel [/sub] and headed back to Minot, which is in the Dakotas [sub] like it matters which one (D&R) [/sub] He will be in transit and away from email awhile, but one Air Force guy is coming back stateside this week safe and sound.

I know! I got the same [sub]you’d think the guy could be a little bit original for once[/sub] e-mail! He’s finally coming home!

I hope he didn’t get me a camel-skin burqa. That would suck.

Yay! Trip is comin’ home!

I wonder if he would be interested in attending another NYC Dopefest?

[sub]Now where’s that damned camera? I just saw it over here a minute ago…[/sub]

Cool beans, Tripster! Long freakin, flight, huh? Welcome back to the land of Blondes and Redheads, and good beer. See ya in NYC in January, and that’s an order.

If beer was served, he’d be interested. Originally, he was gonna have leave time in NJ early next year, but that may have changed.

I figured that first name on the email list had to be you, ** Ginger **.