Any interest in an Atlanta Dopefest this summer?

Would anybody be interested in coming to a Dopefest somewhere in the Atlanta area this summer? I can make it on most Sundays and it’s a pretty good central point for GA/AL/assorted Dopers.

A few months back Tripler mentioned something about being stationed in GA for a while. I wonder whatever became of that. If you recall, we talked about getting together what I was calling a Triplerfest. At any rate, I think I’d be interested. There was one about three years ago that I couldn’t make, so I’d like to see something happen again. Etlanner would be fine by me. :smiley:

Auntie Em and I will be in Atlanta some time in August, so I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see what dates you choose.

I’m up for it!

OOOOOOOOOH!!! A chance to meet Auntie Em and everybody’s favorite twee mod! We gotta make this happen now.

I’d love to go. The last one I went to only five people showed up. And one of those was my husband (not a doper).

Sorry, just replying to subscribe to the thread. Nothin’ to see here folks. Move along.
BTW - isn’t Tripler on his way home from Afghanistan right now?

Will there be pusillanimous mewling? I am so into pusillanimous mewling!

I doubt I’ll make it this summer, but I’d like to announce that I will be headed to GTech in the fall. So, count me in for the next one.

I’m trying to organize a family reunion in Georgia next summer.

OTOH, if Hubby and I could swing it, it may be possible for us to make a long weekend this summer.

By the way, Swampbear, last time we were promised some of your famous brats. hint, hint

I have a feeling that Sampiro is talking about a venue that’s more in the area of downtown Etlanner. Somehow, I think grilling brats on Peachtree Street would be frowned upon. Although, I’m sure stranger things have happened there. :smiley:

Well, would anybody be up for an outdoor 'fest like the one we had at Red Top…lord, was that two years ago already? It might be fun to do something like that again.

Whatever we decide, UncleBill and the twins and I are probably in.

I missed the last couple. I’d like to be in on the next one!

I have met dopers from all over the U.S. in the past couple of years. Guess it’s about time to meet some of the homies. :smiley:

I missed that one. Sounds fun though, I’d be interested.

I may be able to make it to an Atlanta fest as well.

I was, and now it could be considered in the past tense.

Hey, I’m still game! I’ll be down there the beginning of August, and will buy the first round!

The first round for yous guys, not all of Atlanta. :smiley:

Welcome home Tripler! Good to know you’re still comin’ down our way. We need to work up something for sure now. Right now any time but the weekend of the twelfth would work for me.

Anybody, got ideas for a good meet up place? Let’s see if we can get this to happen.

Tripler, the first several for you will be on me.

Yay! The weekend of the 12th is good here too. Is this going to be a family thing or nighttime drinkfest type of thing?
Tripler - you’ve got a beer on me as well.
Rez (aka Bean)

I’d like to go to one too, but I’m getting married 8/19th so my summer is pretty busy so far.

Hmmm… ok folks, if we do this on the 12th, we can get Enright3 drunk, put him/her on a Greyhound and let him/her (sorry I really don’t know) wonder how he/she woke up tattoed and hungover in Tiajuana. :smiley:

Ain’t that what happens at all dopefests?