Camp Cecil: An open invite to Dopers around Glacier Nat'l Park

So, it’s nearing the time of my return back to the States, and obviously my thoughts turn to what the hell I’m going to do with my two weeks off when I get back. Naturally (pun intended), I’m going camping! I’m going to pack my truck with a tent, sleeping bag, a couple ‘o’ books, a radio, a guitar to practice on, and hopefully a new Barcalounger, all to make for the hills.

Thus being, if anyone wants to join me for an unofficial DopeFest, feel free! I figure I’ll be there from July 1st - 4th, and will be living like Ted Kaczynski (without the mail bombs and extreme neo-luddite philosophies) for awhile. If I can swing it, I’ll be up there a little earlier, but do have to be back to Great Falls by the 5th–I’ve got sort of a “going away dinner” scheduled.

In any case, here’s a quick map of my intended location. I may be to the North a mile or so, I may be to the South. . . I haven’t settled on a final campsite yet. That’ll depend on if anyone else is interested.

Bring your own booze and whatever creature comforts you desire. I’ll provide the stars at night, and any reservations at the park if need be.

A guarantee of a tasty lake trout not included. You’re on your own there . . .

Uh, whoops! Fixed link.


I will be in the process of moving ( bought a new house ), but I would love to have camped with the Great Tripler!

Did you get a letter from me?? I sent one a while back!

I got a copy of the World Wide News a few weeks back, which related fantastic tales of Dubya making an intergalactic alliance with those from Alpha Centauri. I’m glad to know the fate of our fragile little world is in such good hands–you can never trust those damned Klingons. :dubious:

Oh, the campfire politics of intergalactic. . . well, politics.

I bet those Klingons intercepted the mail and took my letter!

Alrighty. I’m on my way home as of Sunday. Email me at my board name please.

Hmm. 24 straight hours of driving might be something that I could get behind to see Montana, but not with two kids in the truck. Maybe next year, when I have enough vacation time to take a couple of weeks about it. Wish I could!

Gingy, on the way!

misstee, yeah, sorry! When did you mail it? I usually get stuff inside of a week and a half. . .

Jules, ‘cmon! It’ll be fun! There’ll be pony rides for the kids [sub]assuming no bears eat the ponies[/sub], and fishin’, and guitars, and campfires. . . ya know! A [sub]grown-up[/sub] Boy Scout Jamboree [sub]with beer[/sub].

Seriously: open invite–up until the last few minutes. If you show up unannounced, it’s be considered a very pleasant surprise.

Just don’t arrive at midnight dressed like a bear. :eek:

Like a month ago – I mailed it May 8th or 9th.

A big ol premature welcome home! That sounds like a blast, I’d love to go but already have plans to be in Philly for the fourth.

Hey, maybe I can find Twickster and we’ll eat s’mores in your honor. :smiley:

Trip, ya dork. No email yet. gingerofthenorth at

I’m trying to work out details on my end.

Tripler, I’ve sent an email to the address in your profile.

Hope to see you soon! :slight_smile:

Aw dang!. I had it “gingerofthesoutheast”! My bad! :smack:

Another one on the way.

Tonya, thanks! Hey, I need you to e-mail me . . . I need an address from you (flag!)

Dang Afghani magnetic declination.

Wow. I didn’t get it yet. . . sorry. But I do thank you for the good vibes! What was in it?

We’ve got a guy here by the name of “Moriarty”–he’s always with the negative vibes.

Hey Trip, you’re gonna be at the wrong end of Sun Road! I mean, what’s the point of going to Glacier NP if you can’t also be within striking distance of Truby’s in Whitefish, home of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted?

That said, I’d love to join you, but since the wife and I were out that way last summer, I think an encore this soon is out of the question. But say hi to the Highline Trail for me, if you head up that way. :slight_smile:

I know, I know. It’ll just make that trip along the Road that much easier. Why St Mary? Why not! I’ve been through Whitefish and up to Lake Koocanusa a time or two, but never really spent any time on the Eastern side.

But hey, it’s still an open invite, if the spirit moves you and the significant other. :cool:

And, it’s closer to I-15 for everyone.

Okay, Trip. No email from you yet. I sent one to your profile address and another addy I had laying around. I was in GF yesterday!

Gingy, check your e-mail again ASAP–time sensitive sh*t!

Well, I just got back from my first campin’ trip of my two weeks off. I just spent three days camping and panning fer gold in and around Virginia City and Bannack MT. As Scooby-esque as camping in a ghost town might be, rest assured I was just fine as the hippie, the talking dog, nor the debutante was packing a .357 Mag in case a bear showed up (not that I was going to try to capture the bear and take off its “mask”).

Anyway, I’ve got a handful of peeps going up to Glacier, so I’ll reiterate the “last minute showups” call: If you can make it, come on!

I have proven to myself that yes, I still have what it takes to build fire.