I am Seriously considering a MonDopeFest.

You know I’m serious when I start capitalizing letters. . .

But I’m dang serious: I’d like to prove a campfire and keg for anyone willing to camp out for a few nights on a “Field Dopefest”. I’m willing to go to work for late August or September of '06. Any takers?

I am serious about this one. I’ll reserve a whole state park or whatever. Just let me know if you’re interested in camping out.

We haven’t had a ‘tailgater’ DopeFest yet. . .

You know I’m an idiot when I can’t spell “provide”, nor code correctly.

. . . and I wondered why I wasn’t getting any replies.

Montana? Montreal? Monserrat?

Yeah, my bad: Montana.

To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a DopeFest up in these neck of the woods yet.

I thought you meant Monday. And i thought it sounded a lot like "Burning Man’ only maybe safer, so I was going to sign up. But I’m a long way from Canadiana!

What if I throw in the fact that we can do this in Glacier Nat’l Park ?

Oh, I’ll make it worth yer while.

Okay, if I can climb stuff or kayak, I’m there. I especially like climbing stuff. Is there stuff to climb?

When should I come?

Wow, I didn’t know that anyone in this state did anything! And I also don’t know how to read UTM, so I didn’t realize that you were a Montanan. I think it sounds like a great idea, and I can probably try to come (though it’s hard to be definitive so far in advance).

And why the huge lead-time, by the way? Over a year?

I’ve got a deployment to the Middle East coming up, and I wanted something to look forward to. And at this point, I’m just gauging intrest in the idea. There’s flights into Great Falls, and AMTRAK does run through Cut Bank.

Doesn’t mean I won’t go camping in Glacier. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let Dopers come with, neither. . .

It’s all about the planning. Gotta plan for the beer, ya know.

I can read UTM, & figured out you were in Great Falls, Montana from the thread about locations … and Glacier is on my “places I gotta see” list.

Sounds like a great idea, whether the fest is in Glacier, or just part of a combined trip.

Yeah, I’m in. The last Montana Dope Fest was a bit of a bust (though we did have fun).


Glacier is a great park. If it’s scheduled for July 06, the wife and I will schedule a road trip!

:confused: I thought you were from Jersey, and the title was a play on Mondo DopeFest, as in mondo big.

Ah, well, it would have been nice to meet you. I still display the flag you sent. Bought a case for it and all. Thanks.

Well, I am from New Jersey. Unfortunately, I’ve spent the past ten years out-of-state: First Prescott, AZ, then Minot, ND, now Great Falls, MT.

And that’s just where I’ve kept my stuff.

Oh, and you’re quite welcome for the flag. Send it back to me sometime, and I’ll try to get her flown over somewhere else.

Dude, I’m all over this. Put me on your list of peeps to keep updated 'cuz I’M there.

You’re going to the Middle East, again?? Damn. Weren’t you just there last summer?

You can pencil me in for that MonDope. It’s far enough in the future that I can confidently say there’s a slight possibility that I could make it. :smiley:

And even though I hate trees and nature and grass and plants… this still seems like a fun thing to do.

Hey, me too!

You can count me in. However, if the date is negotiable, the second or third week of August would be best for me. I work at a college and the fall semester usually starts the 4th week of August. If it’s not something you can change, I’ll be there anyway. I can tell my boss to give me the time off to visit her parents in the Polson area. OTOH, I was hung over for four days after my last visit to them, so maybe that’s not such a good idea. :smiley:

Earlier in the summer would be better. I’m home every year (3 hours north of Great Falls), but by late August I’m back, as I’ve got the kidlet in school. The little one could care less. He’s still chewing on everything.

Yup. My business is heavy construction supporting airfields. . . and business is good.

Wait, aren’t you infantry? The hating of nature is the last thing I’d think of when putting the person and job together. :dubious:

But, I digress. . .

I’ve looked at some of the campsites online, and figured out that I can reserve one by April of next year. So, I’ll still collect preferences to dates, and if anyone’s got a recommendation for a site for Camp Cecil, let me know. I figure we’d tentatively shoot for August since it seems to be working out for most.

I’ll talk to a few part-time guides, to see what they know too.