DELIVERANCE! I'm outbound in two days!

Holy hosannah on a stick! I’m damn near there!

Tomorrow night, I take my bags to Customs, and a few hours later, I’m merrily on my airlifted way to the States! Granted, I’ll have a few days’ layover in Qatar (Al Udeid AB), but I figure that by this time next week, I’ll be home and watching the Home Shopping Channel, just because I can.

Oh, the joys and sorrows of the past seven months! While I would happily return to this little garden spot, the “Crossroads of Civilization” has given me enough for this year. I want to be able to drive outside my workplace without having to wear my “ensemble” (but DCUs are so slimming!). I want to frolic in a field without having to worry about PM2s. Hell, I just want to watch TV on my own schedule!

I do have something else to look forward to: when I made my reservations at Malmstrom’s Billeting office last week, they say to me, “Well Sir, we’ve got a slight problem. We can only put you in the DV quarters, and it costs $7/day extra. . . Sorry. . .” Oh, I think I can swing that. :smiley:

What does freedom taste like? I don’t remember. I’ll tell you after my first Sam Adams.

Welcome back, young man! A bit early, I know…

Qatar is nice for a layover… I think my brother uses Jordan for his Iraq layovers.

You did a great job. Thank you.

Remember to bring your bow and arrow!


Congrats, and welcome home.

Happy getting back home Tripler. I know this may sound trite, but thanks for what you do.

Are you going to be in middle Georgia like you mentioned earlier this year? If you are, maybe we can plan a Jawja welcome home dopefest for ya.

Yay! Welcome home, Tripler.

Don’t forget to pack the hat. :slight_smile:

Welcome home! YAY!

Oh, and ditto. Thanks a million times.

A million plus one.

Um, is there a Missus Tripler? If so, I think you’ll know what freedom tastes like before the Sam Adams :wink:

Much obliged, y’all! And you know me: for every “Thanks!” I tend to buy a round ‘o’ beer.

And ivylass, no, unfortunately there ain’t no “Missus”. But that’s okay, having lived elbows-to-assholes with 10,000 other people, I don’t mind being on my own for a few weeks of R & R. :smiley:

Shit! That’s a lot of beers. :smack: ::checks bank account::

I don’t really know you or anything, but-- whoo! I’m glad you’re coming home!

And am I the only one who slightly creeps out at the sight or sound of the word “deliverance”? Am I? I was picturing you going to the backwoods and squealing like a pig. But if you’re into that, that’s cool. :smiley:

Welcome home! Glad you have returned safely! :slight_smile:

Tripler, I admire all the good work that you and your fellows are doing out there. Good work, and welcome home.

Don’t forget to pack your towel. :smiley:

Welcome home! If it were possible, that Sam Adams would be on me. I’m glad you’re coming home safe.

Good show, Sir – but please be very careful this last couple of days…
… and propitiatory libations shall be offered to the spirits ruling travel and flight so as to make sure that you DO get safely to the point of enjoying that Sam Adams and watching HSC…

Tripler, don’t let down your guard while anticipating your freedom. I’ve read about so many soldiers killed who were scheduled for leave in less than a couple of weeks or even days. That being said, thanks for your service.

Way to brighten up the thread, dude.

Welcome back Tripler. Glad you’re coming home.

Yeah, that $3 per day per diem goes a long way, doesn’t it?

Welcome back, sir.

Welcome back, Mr. Doors! You’ll be all rested up for the practice games!

Hope you can bring some of your best buds home with you. I know they mean a lot.

Celebrate good times!

Welcome home, Tripler. I’ll wave a beer in your general direction! And a good one too - someone’s “retraining” me away from the cheap stuff. :rolleyes: :smiley: