I'M BETTER THAN YOU! ............. a game

OK, the object is to come up with something better than the previous poster. There’s not really any other rules, I just invented the game.


I can win a game of “Connect Four” in three moves!

Top that!

I’m better than you at this game and YOU just invented it!

I drew up the schematics from which the two of you were built. Ergo, I invented both of you, and this game.

I once built a robot who went back in time and invented schematics.

I’m better than all of you, because I refuse to take part in this silly game.


I invented blood.

And the wheel.

And shared the patent on oxygen.

Pats Mr Bus Guy on the head

And that was very good. For a first try, anyway.

I developed the process to send robots back in time and invent things.

I developed the developing process.

I’m better than you at modesty.


Because I’M BETTER THAN YOU!! :smiley:

I admit that you’re better at modesty.

Which makes me more modest! Ha!

And I can ride a unicycle missing a wheel!

I can ride a unicycle that isn’t even there! Ha!

Ah. You all have humbled me with your superiority in this game. I am, of course, better than you at humility.

I invented the Invisible Unicycle.

I’m so humble, I automatically concede the game.

So there! :stuck_out_tongue:


I…crap. I got nothin’.

I got negative nothing!

You know protons and electrons? I got them together. Yup. Protons were hanging out with neutrons and occasionally making passes at prions. I introduce them to my good friends electrons, one thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, hydrogen!

I posted to this thread before it even existed!

(You’ll, um, have to take my word for it.)